IT Monitoring – Prevent Issues Before they get Expensive

March 19th, 2012 - Category - IT Best Practices

One of the benefits of managed IT services is allotting time and having the proper tools to effectively monitor an entire network for issues. This allows technicians at Netstar to detect, identify, and resolve issues before they start to affect users.

A lot of computer and network issues don’t just happen abruptly. Many of them show early warning signs and sit dormant for a short time before most users even notice. For the vast majority of issues, they are much easier to resolve at this stage.

For example, most hard drives have a monitoring system that attempts to anticipate major failures. While unpredicted failures can still happen, there is a chance that issues can be detected in advanced, which means you can prepare and have a new hard drive ready long before the current one fails.

Other issues such as network connectivity and stability issues, antivirus updates and statuses, Windows Update install failures, CPU and memory issues, and general event and error tracking can provide insights and find issues before they create surprise downtime.

This means smoother operations, more productivity, and fewer (and shorter!) technical support calls.

Are you looking to greatly reduce the number of time-crushing, expense-generating computer issues that your company faces? Give us a call at 02036 574 489 and ask us how we can cost-effectively manage and monitor your entire IT infrastructure!

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