Business Challenges solved through IT Outsourcing

The Revenue Challenge

As a business leader you have grown your organisation to its current size, but as you gain market share it has become increasingly challenging to find ways of driving additional revenue. Perhaps you have always relied solely on referrals for new business, and now your prospects are finding your competitors through other means. Perhaps there’s huge untapped potential within your existing client base for additional revenue, but you don’t have the resources to deliver the right message at the appropriate time and therefore the potential revenue is lost. It is imperative that you have the systems and infrastructure in place to allow you to adapt to changing market conditions and embrace new opportunities before someone else does. Employing the latest digital technology solutions can ensure that your message is never drowned out in the crowd.

The Efficiency Challenge

It’s vital that your business uses all of the tools available to streamline existing processes. Businesses that can do things faster, access information more easily and pool resources more efficiently are the ones who have more time to dedicate to driving additional revenue. There are a plethora of technology solutions designed to improve communication, collaboration and vital intra-organisational sharing of information.

The Risk Challenge

Ensuring your business is robust in the face of change and able to adapt where necessary is vital to ensuring a prosperous future. Businesses that fail to adapt to changing market conditions inevitably go bust. Businesses that are unable to weather difficult circumstances also find themselves going under. You can employ a range of technology solutions to improve business continuity and ensure your business has the ability and flexibility to cope with testing circumstances.

Why Choose Netstar?

  • We spend time learning about your business, how you drive revenue, why your customers choose you, what your weaknesses are and what your competition is doing.

  • We come up with tailored technology solutions focused on improving your operational efficiency, driving additional revenue and reducing risk.

What our clients are saying

  • “Netstar has helped us to increase efficiency, and thanks to their support our systems are secure and easy to use. Right from the start they took the time to get to know us and our business”

    Sanja Veselinovic, Administration and Finance Director, Curtin & Co.

  • “Netstar’s fast and responsive service has helped us improve staff productivity and reduce IT downtime. The team are professional and have really taken the time to understand our business.”

    Andrew Garman, VP, Modelling & Execution, InfraPartners Management

  • Netstar always ensure we are using the most appropriate solutions for our business needs, saving us time and making employees more productive.

    Natalie May, Office Manager

  • Netstar have improved productivity for all our staff, improving the working environment at Mark Warner and raising our customer satisfaction levels.

    Tim Locke, Head of Sales and Marketing

  • Netstar manage our IT in a proactive way, often fixing problems before we had become aware of them!

    Ginny Wolstencroft, COO

  • We have always felt that our IT is in safe hands with Netstar. Netstar have implemented several time-saving solutions that allow us to focus on our customers.

    Peter Roffey, Managing Director

  • Netstar are flexible and quick to respond to issues. We enjoy rapid, secure access to our IT services at all times and as a result staff productivity has increased

    Craig Humphries, Teenage Cancer Trust

  • Netstar recommended and implemented a system that enables staff to work as if they are in the office from anywhere at any time. The impact on productivity has been monumental.

    Robert Kelly, Senior Partner

  • Netstar has reduced our annual IT spend by almost 50% and have restored our faith in outsourced IT support.

    Aonghus Curtin, Director

  • The transition to Netstar was painless, and the benefits many.

    Matthew Bond, Chief Operations Officer

  • By partnering with Netstar we are reaping the benefits of outsourcing our IT to a strategic IT Support company.

    Paul McFadyen, Manager

  • Netstar unburdened us of the effort and time we had been spending on IT, meaning we could concentrate on running our business.

    Rob Bradburn, Manager

  • Netstar are extremely responsive and flexible. They listen to what we want and always deliver an innovative strategy to get us there.

    Rakesh Patel, IT Director

  • We have no hesitation in recommending Netstar and have no doubt the company will offer you the same high standard of service that we have enjoyed.

    James Lawlor, Director

  • Since outsourcing our IT to Netstar, we've noticed much fewer IT problems, and much greater reliability of our systems.

    Rav Sumal, Branch Manager

5 Reasons to Switch to Netstar

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