90%* of all cyber attacks are caused by human error.

Since people are the weakest link in most security landscapes, businesses must focus on cyber security training and awareness sessions.

These help users to identify potential threats, understand the risks and know what to do about them.

*Source: Kaspersky Lab

Why Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness throughout your organisation is vital to ensure that every employee is empowered to understand the potential threats and how they can be part of the solution. Employees should be part of your overall cyber-security policy and are an especially important part of the cyber-security plan when it comes to combating the threat of scam emails.

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How Does it Work?

Netstar’s Cyber Security Awareness Training helps our clients educate their employees on cyber-security best practices and potential pitfalls.

The service subsequently sends spoof phishing-style emails to business users at random times. These are designed to look similar to real phishing emails, and convince the recipient to click on a link or attachment. If clicked on, these then direct users to an online e-learning course which aims to improve their understanding of and ability to spot such attacks.

Doing so when faced with a real phishing email could result in loss of data, installation of malware that can monitor communications or cause disruption, or encryption of data.

What next?

It can be a huge benefit to work with a trusted IT partner who can provide the support and guidance to help protect your business from cyber threats. To learn more about how you can educate your team and protect your business, get in touch today

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