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The risk of cyber crime has increased dramatically over the past year. In fact, almost 50% of UK businesses reported a cyber-attack in 2020. So, prioritising your cyber security is more vital than ever.

We understand how difficult it can be to know exactly what risks are out there and how to protect against them. So, it’s our mission to simplify the process of securing your business by offering you easy to understand cyber solutions and tailored security consultancy.

Our Cyber Security Services

Cyber security services

Cyber Security Packages

Protect your devices, email, and employees with our Security Packages, designed to simplify the process of managing your security

Penetration Testing

CREST accredited penetration testing will safely simulate cyber-attacks to identify vulnerabilities in your security and mitigate risk
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We’ll take the stress out of compliance, ensuring you adhere to all necessary regulations, including GDPR, FCA and EBA

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Since the increase in remote working, cyber-attacks have risen dramatically.

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MML Capital Partners

“Netstar have implemented technology improvements for us, which have had a positive impact on data security and business continuity.”

Alison Jackson, Office Manager, MML Capital Partners (Covent Garden, London)

Human One

“We were keen to replace our server due to its importance in our IT set-up. Netstar found a solution that fit with our budget and reduced risk.”

Amber Whalley, Managing Director, Human One (Covent Garden, London)

Pacific Investments

“We have been very impressed by the professionalism of Netstar, their dedication to IT Security and the proactive service they provide.”

Sir John Beckwith CBE, Chairman, Pacific Investments (Chelsea, London)

Our Cyber Security Certifications

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 cyber security solution

Holding ISO 27001 acknowledges the strict cyber security protocols we have in place to safeguard customers’ data.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber Essentials Plus cyber security solution

As a Cyber Essentials Plus holder, we have demonstrated our cyber security excellence in protecting against cyber threats.


CISSP cyber security solution

CISSP holders must demonstrate they can effectively design and manage best-in-class cyber security programs.


CREST penetration testing

Being CREST accredited certifies our expertise in delivering best-in-class penetration testing and cyber security solutions.

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Cyber security services

Easy to understand cyber security packages

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Dedicated team of security specialists

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Why you should invest in
Cyber Security Solutions

In a world where cyber threats are evolving, and becoming more intelligent, you must prioritise cyber security. Without effective cyber security solutions in place, you could suffer from:

  • Hefty fines from authorities (up to 4% of your turnover!)
  • Significant financial loss (e.g. paying ransoms to retrieve your data)
  • Damage to your reputation, brand, and valuable client relationships
  • Productivity loss as your systems are disrupted
  • Data loss without an effective back up and disaster recovery solution
  • Reduced sales and growth potential
  • Increased stress for you and your employees

Millions of businesses hit, don’t waste any more time

Businesses that aren’t big enough to have their own IT departments or employ a Chief Technology Officer still need to be cyber secure. These businesses are less likely to have the right defences in place or a team of educated, cyber aware employees. Cyber criminals know this, so will actively seek out and target smaller businesses.

Did you know? From 2019 to 2020, 65% of SMEs suffered a cyber-attack

In addition, since the Covid-19 pandemic, cyber criminals are devising more convincing and targeted attacks, impersonating trusted authorities such as the World Health Organisation. The pandemic has given cyber criminals more time to innovate, leaving UK businesses even more vulnerable to cyber-attack. Which is why all businesses, no matter their size, need to invest in getting the right, practical IT advice in order to avoid the repercussions of a cyber-attack.

If you’re a small business based in the UK, we can provide you with strategic recommendations to elevate the cyber security of your business and protect you from cyber criminals. Contact us now to find out how.

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Our Cyber Security Solutions will ensure your data is 100% secure, recoverable, and accessible:

  • Cyber Security services designed to simplify the process of protecting your business, taking away the worry of cyber crime
  • Ensure your data is 100% secure, recoverable and accessible in the event of a crisis
  • Comply with data security regulations such as FCA and GDPR
  • Tailored technology consultancy to ensure your cyber security strategy aligns with your business’s goals
  • Proactive IT support identifies issues before they impact your business and ensures all applications and systems are up to date
  • Qualified and experienced team of IT specialists dedicated to keeping you secure

Award-winning Cyber Security.
Always there for you.

One monthly fee, one incredible team of security experts.

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“Cyber-crime is continually evolving and becoming more sophisticated.
By 2025, cyber-attacks are predicted to cost organisations £7.5 trillion worldwide.”

Cyberwarfare Report 2021

Cyber Security Services for SMEs

Managing cyber threats can be a huge burden for smaller businesses. Do you have the right skills and manpower in-house to keep your business secure? You need to know:

  • The best cyber security solutions, providing you with multiple layers of security without conflicting with one another
  • Which cyber security solutions will keep your business secure, without disrupting your employees or causing your technology to slow down
  • What an IT security policy is, why you need one, and how to put one together
  • How to create a cyber secure culture, whereby your employees can easily recognise and avoid potential cyber-attacks
  • The best cyber security solutions for modern working, ensuring all devices and data are protected whether your employees are working from home, on the go, or in the office
  • How to proactively monitor potential risks so you can rectify them before they disrupt your operations
  • How to meet and report on compliance regulations, ensuring you don’t breach client confidentiality or get faced with fines from authorities

We will fully manage your cyber security solutions, so you won’t have to worry about potential threats. Contact us now to speak to an expert and find out how our IT Support services will help protect your business.

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