penetration testing

What is penetration testing?

Our CREST certified professionals will ethically replicate the tactics, techniques and procedures used by cyber criminals when trying to hack your systems. That way, we can accurately identify any vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure and amend them before it’s too late.

Penetration tests replicate real-life scenarios and cannot be automated. Instead, an IT professional will manually imitate the potential actions of a hacker, giving you an accurate insight into any weaknesses in your security.

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Why your penetration testing should be CREST accredited

CREST penetration testing

CREST is an international accreditation and certification body that represents and supports the technical information security market. Being a CREST member involves adhering to strict security standards which have been reviewed and endorsed by qualified regulators.

So, when you choose a CREST member organisation, like Netstar, you can be sure you’re receiving the very best in cyber security.

Why choose Netstar?

Cyber security services

Certified Security Experts

Our penetration testers are accredited by CREST and OSCP. We’re also CISSP, ISO 27001, and Cyber Essentials certified, meaning we deliver the best in cyber security.
Lightning fast IT support

Industry Leading Techniques

We have full access to the latest threat intelligence, enabling us to replicate the exact tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) as genuine cyber criminals.
rapid response

Prioritise Remediation

We’ll provide you with a full report of vulnerabilities and our recommendations for remediating risk in order of severity, helping you understand what to prioritise.

The value of CREST certified penetration testing services

  • Gain an accurate insight into the weaknesses in your cyber security so you can remediate risk
  • Enables top level security specialists to uncover even the smallest gaps in your security
  • A vital component to establishing a robust cyber security strategy
  • The best way to review your existing security setup before choosing what to prioritise to protect your business from threat
  • Be confident that risk to your business is being managed and mitigated by a team of qualified and experienced security experts
  • Necessary for organisations that need to adhere to regulations like PCI, DSS, and ISO 27001
  • Prove to your clients that you’re taking the right measures to keep their data safe

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Main penetration testing methods

External infrastructure penetration test

An external penetration test mimics the actions of a cyber criminal attempting to gain initial access to your network. For example, through firewalls or business applications.

Our team of experts will thoroughly test all your internet-facing assets, including your firewalls, line of business applications, email servers, and domain name servers. In doing so, we can identify any potential risks that could lead to a fully-fledged cyber-attack.

Internal infrastructure penetration test

This testing aims to deduce what a cyber criminal could achieve with initial access to your network. For example, if they had already compromised your external firewall or gained access via a phishing attack.

Our team will imitate the actions and objectives of cyber criminals to identify potential risk and protect your business from data loss, financial loss, and disruption.

Other penetration testing services

Unauthenticated web application penetration testing

Web applications are bespoke, so we offer more specific penetration testing services to discover their vulnerabilities. Our expert team will first analyse all initial functionalities exposed to employees before they login. They can then simulate cyber-attacks that could be carried out by a cyber criminal attempting to gain access to the authenticated part of the application.

Authenticated web application penetration testing

An authenticated web application test will simulate cyber-attacks as if the cyber criminal has already gained access to the web application. You can then see what capabilities cyber criminals could have if they were to access your applications, including identifying whether they could access confidential data or privileged system functionalities.

Phishing simulation testing

Phishing scams are one of the most common and successful types of cyber-attack, so it’s critical your employees can recognise a malicious email. We can send simulated phishing emails to your team to test their ability to spot and avoid potentially harmful emails. Employees that do click on these links will be automatically enrolled into additional security training to refresh their knowledge and safeguard against threats.

Wireless penetration testing

If your wireless networks aren’t managed correctly, hackers could use them to infiltrate your network. Our security specialists can assess your wireless infrastructure (both company and guest networks) to detect any vulnerabilities, such as unsecured encryption protocols or weak access controls. Our wireless penetration testing services will further help you identify risk and protect your business from cyber criminals.

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