Cloud solutions are transforming businesses by removing the need for in-house hardware that is expensive to run, purchase and maintain.Cloud Solutions

Instead of spending large amounts on software and in-house servers, you use your internet connection to access services online, such as email and line of business applications. Instead of putting strain on your own servers, which you have to service, manage and eventually replace, you pay a monthly fee and all of this is handled more economically by a data centre.

Only pay for what you use. No more under-utilisation of hardware that you will eventually fill up in three years.
Benefit from the advanced security and high reliability that cloud solutions offer.
Pay monthly and reap the benefits of a predictable pricing model.
Easily scale up and down, adding or removing resources, based on your requirements.
Office 365 – Productivity Boosting, Scalable, and Affordable

Your employees want to use the Office applications they’re familiar with in any location and with all of their changes syncing across their devices. You need them to be able to access their files in a way that keeps data secure and enables them to be more productive. Everyone wants a solution that is reliable and just works!

Combining the traditional Microsoft Office experience with the benefits of the modern cloud, Office 365 is the perfect solution.

Powerful document collaboration and a reliable email solution.
Always have the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite on up to five devices, have access to your files wherever you go.
Access web versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for when you’re not on one of your usual devices.
Stay in touch with internal and external contacts using Skype for Business (instant messaging, video calls, and screen sharing/presenting).
Your data will be highly secure in Microsoft’s data centres, and always available – Guaranteed 99.9% uptime.
Scalable and affordable – add users and pay monthly – making budgeting easy.