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Is your business data spread out across desktops, laptops, servers, mail attachments, dropbox, google drive and more?

Consolidating all of your data so that key information is easy to find is a key step in achieving efficiency with IT. Once all of your data is organised; backup, business continuity, remote working and productivity are all impacted.

Ensuring that important information is easy to access is crucial to achieving efficiency in business.

Our document solutions are designed specifically for businesses:

  • Control over file access and permissions
  • Utilising enterprise level security
  • Easy file syncing and sharing for collaboration and remote working

Netstar’s file sync and sharing solution

Modern day workforces are increasingly mobile, and staff need to use technology to work collaboratively. Netstar’s document solutions can help.

You need to be able to provide your employees with the tools that enable them to seamlessly pick up where they left their files, regardless of whether they’re at home, in the office or out in the field with their laptop.

Your employees should be able to work wherever they are without having to connect to VPNs or terminal servers, without a data security crisis on your hands if they lose their device.

Our file sync and share solution solves these problems.

  • Designed specifically for business. Purpose built for commercial use.
  • Secure and easy file syncing across devices.
  • Sharing of files with required colleagues or departments. Can tailor access with multi-level user permissions.
  • Collaborative working.
  • Remote and mobile file access, with any device. No VPN needed.
  • Built-in data leak prevention – device security and remote wipe – keeping sensitive data out of the wrong hands.