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Our IT consultancy services will align your technology to the needs of your business, helping you to plan for the future and achieve your goals

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IT consultancy

The challenge you face

Technology supports almost everything in the modern workplace. When it goes wrong, there is a negative impact on productivity, growth, employee and customer satisfaction.

The answer? An IT Consultancy service from a trusted IT Support partner.

IT consultancy will align your technology to the needs of your business, helping you plan for the future and achieve goals.

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How will IT Consultancy benefit my business?

Technology underpins every aspect of business, so it’s critical you get it right. Does your current IT Support provider take the time to learn about your business and recommend technical solutions that align with your business’ challenges, goals and needs?

Whether we’re working with you to ensure your IT strategy is aligned to your business goals or delivering a specific IT project to support your business, our IT Consultancy services can help you maximise your IT investments, to deliver real value to your business.

Effective IT consultancy will ensure you have the right technology in place to support the goals and needs of your business. As a proactive IT Support partner, we deliver strategic IT consultancy services that helps you:

  • Boost your productivity
  • Maximise your cyber security
  • Elevate your efficiency
  • Fuel your business growth
  • Minimise risk to your business
  • Solve your IT and wider business issues
  • Achieve your business goals


“Perhaps more important is the strategic help that we get and planning for the future and where we need to invest as a business to make sure that our IT infrastructure remains top of the game and where we need it to be.”


Paul Squirrel, Director, thenetworkone, London

Why choose Netstar for your IT consultancy?

Technology-related decisions will have a significant impact on your business operations, processes, customer experience and employee experience. Which is why we are committed to offering truly bespoke IT consultancy. We understand that the best way to help your business succeed is to invest time in learning your specific pain points, challenges, and goals. Consequently, we can offer you strategic technology recommendations that are accurately aligned to your business.

To find out more about how we’ve helped our clients succeed, take a look at our testimonials.

Netstar’s IT consultancy process

1. We get to know you

We invest time into learning about your business and industry. We will then discuss your specific challenges, risks, and goals with you to ensure we are equipped to offer you the very best IT solution and help you achieve a successful outcome.

2. We start planning

Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, we will start planning the next steps for your success. This includes identifying solutions to your problems as well as areas of opportunity to help your business grow. Throughout the entire process, we communicate clearly and deliver a transparent, flexible IT solution.

3. We recommend your solution

Based on our analysis we will present you with the best IT solution available to support your goals. This will include a clearly outlined plan for each stage of the process.

4. We deliver

From larger scale infrastructure updates to one off projects, we will support you by delivering our recommendations. Working with you to see the project through to completion, making sure you are supported every step of the way.

5. Always on hand

Whether working on a one-off project or an ongoing basis we will always be on hand, enabling you to continue to succeed through technology.

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