IT support

Working with your in-house IT Support team and providing out of hours IT Support

Even if you have your own in house IT resource, you can still benefit from outsourced IT Support. You may need extra support outside office hours, technology consulting and IT planning, or extra help during projects.

We can provide:

  • Technology consulting: Providing you with IT advice, planning, and budgeting so your engineers or IT manager can deal with day to day issues, and you can achieve your IT and business goals.
  • Proactive monitoring: IT team snowed under with problems? Many of those could be alleviated with our proactive monitoring and maintenance. Our Network Operations engineers constantly scan your systems to find and fix faults before they develop into problems that your IT team have to spend time fixing.
  • Helpdesk Support: Is your IT manager’s time being taken up with lots of small issues? We can support your in house team by offering remote helpdesk support, taking on all of your tickets or acting as an overflow support service as you wish.
  • Take advantage of our bolt-on services: Perhaps you only want to outsource certain IT services and keep your day to day support in-house? We can provide you with additional services like backup and disaster recovery, managed firewalls and anti-virus, connectivity and VoIP telephony solutions.
  • Project support: Need us to come on site to help with your major IT projects? Not a problem.
  • Extra, or out of hours IT Support – Your internal IT desk may only cover core IT Support during office hours. Our experts can help with anything outside of their remit or outside of their working hours. Our out of hours IT Support means dedicated support from our offices, not someone with a phone by their bed.
  • An onsite engineer at all times – We can provide full-time engineers to work in your office at all times. We will ensure they receive regular training and that you have IT cover onsite at all times, so you are never left without support.

Netstar work with Capio Nightingale’s IT Officer to solve licensing issue and improve IT infrastructure

Private hospital Capio Nightingale brought in Netstar to help their in-house IT team to solve a complex licensing issue and improve performance of their IT infrastructure.

  • Licensing issue solved, avoiding Microsoft penalty.
  • Complete replacement of old, under-performing hardware.
  • Backup and disaster recovery solution installed, to ensure business continuity in event of disaster.
  • Estimated £5,000 savings per year as a result of this project.

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Complementary IT Support offers alternative to fully in house or fully outsourced

Many of our customers choose to use our services in conjunction with their internal team or other support they have in place. The support we provide will be completely tailored to your needs, and could include:

  • As much or as little support as you need, completely tailored to your requirements
  • Additional onsite or remote IT Support to work with your in-house IT team
  • Total flexibility to add additional services and support as and when you need them
  • True out of hours support so you are always in safe hands
  • Our 10 minute maximum response time means your in-house team gets support when they need it