Getting fast IT Support is easy

Watch this video for the best ways to receive expert IT Support from us.

  • Our ITSupportPanel App
  • Call us (for all urgent issues)
  • Email us

Our ITSupportPanel AppNetstar ITSupportPanel

Getting quick, reliable IT Support is easy with our ITSupportPanel desktop and mobile app. Your ITSupportPanel app should be you go-to location for all of your IT needs. It’s easy to use and will save your team time calling or emailing our Service Desk, ensuring you receive the most efficient service from us.

With our ITSupportPanel app you can:

  • Quickly contact our Service Desk to request IT Support for all non-urgent IT issues
  • Access your company apps (including Teams, Outlook, and Datto Workplace)
  • Read our latest news, blogs, and technology insights
  • Provide feedback on our services

Please note: for any urgent IT issues, we recommend calling us.

Why we give you multiple ways to contact our Service Desk

We understand that everyone is different and that your employees will want to get in touch with us in a way that suits them best. That’s why we offer:

  • ITSupportPanel – your ITSupportPanel app should be your go-to for all your IT needs. You can easily create and manage IT Support tickets using the app.
  • Phone support – you’re human and your IT Support should be too. You can speak to a member of our Service Desk and receive rapid IT Support now by calling 0207 1010 545.
  • Email support – you can send us a quick email at [email protected], so that your IT Support fits around your schedule