Customer Testimonials

It was a big change and we were all dreading it. I couldn’t believe we’d just log in and it would all be working. But it pretty much went completely to plan. We were all up and running really quickly. Lisa Pavitt, Business Support Manager
“We have been very impressed by the professionalism of Netstar, their dedication to IT Security and the proactive service they provide.” Sir John Beckwith CBE - Chairman
“Netstar has helped us to increase efficiency, and thanks to their support our systems are secure and easy to use. Right from the start they took the time to get to know us and our business.” Sanja Veselinovic - Administration and Finance Director
“Netstar’s fast and responsive service has helped us improve staff productivity and reduce IT downtime. The team are professional and understand our business.” Andrew Garman – Partner
“Netstar recently completed a project to reduce risk for Exemplar and install improved business continuity measures - making us better prepared to continue functioning in disaster scenarios.” Daniel Van Gelder - Founding Director
"We meet regularly with Netstar to discuss technology improvements, this has had a great impact on productivity and data security in our business." Jem Fawcus - Owner and CEO
"Netstar have implemented several technology improvements for us, which have had a positive impact on data security and business continuity." Alison Jackson - MML Capital Partners
"By partnering with Netstar we are reaping the benefits of outsourcing our IT to a strategic IT Support company." Paul McFadyen - Manager
"Netstar are technology partners to SDCL and constantly recommend IT improvements that have a positive impact on security of data, business continuity and productivity/efficiency. They are a very professional and well organised company providing us with an excellent service." Martin Maxwell - Global Operations Director
"Netstar have increased security of data within our business, and provide proactive maintenance to reduce IT problems." Paul Beardsall - Operations Manager
In Netstar we found an IT Support company that was eager to unburden us of the effort and time we had been spending on IT, meaning we could concentrate on running our business. Netstar’s ongoing management of our IT infrastructure has ensured stability and their realistic proactive approach ensures we don’t overspend unnecessarily. Rob Bradburn - Manager
"Netstar made the transition to an independent IT infrastructure a painless experience. More recently, their management of our office move has solidified Netstar’s position as a truly strategic IT partner. We look forward to Netstar proactively monitoring our IT strategy to ensure our business is operating in an efficient and cost effective way." Matthew Bond - Chief Operations Officer
"With the help of Netstar we are experiencing the benefits of a fast and reliable cloud based IT infrastructure. Not only are we reaping the benefits of less downtime and faster access to services; but we also have the flexibility to rapidly scale the systems to meet our needs when required." Robert Kelly - Senior Partner
"We recently relocated offices and our assigned project manager and dedicated engineers from Netstar ensured that this went smoothly. Netstar are always proactive in their approach, meaning we experience very few IT problems." Natalie May
"Thanks to Netstar we are experiencing all the benefits of a cloud infrastructure and have seen a dramatic improvement in staff productivity and customer satisfaction. Netstar’s robust, responsive and flexible approach frees us up to focus on our key priority of meeting and exceeding our clients' needs." Rosie Crowe - Office Manager
"By partnering with Netstar we are experiencing a reliable and robust IT infrastructure – which has improved productivity for all our staff. These benefits have not only have impacted the working environment at Mark Warner – but have also improved our customer satisfaction levels." Tim Locke - Head of Sales and Marketing
"Netstar, who are our IT Partner, were fantastic in helping with this whole thing, in fact they pretty much did the whole implementation for us." Damian Peat - Head of Operations
"By partnering with Netstar we are benefitting from a dramatically enhanced level of service, ensuring optimal uptime of our business-critical IT services. Additionally, we are delighted that our decision to switch to Netstar has reduced our annual IT spend by almost 50%." Aonghus Curtin - Business Development Director
"By outsourcing our IT Support to Netstar we never have to worry about holiday or sickness cover. Netstar listen to our IT needs, work collaboratively with us, are flexible in their approach and quick to respond to issues." Craig Humphries - Head of Finance and IT
"Netstar are extremely responsive and flexible. They listen to what we want and always deliver an innovative strategy to get us there." Rakesh Patel - IT Director
"Netstar provide Moncler's London operations with efficient and effective IT Support, enabling us to connect to our Headquarters in Milan in a timely and secure manner. Netstar staff are professional and flexible and can be relied on to provide excellent service." Jacqueline Osorio - Retail Coordinator