business continuity plan

In life we never really know what’s around the corner, so ensuring all aspects of your business are fully protected and kept safe and secure is a must. To make sure you’re organised whatever the weather, it’s important to have a good business continuity plan in place.

Cloud computing is a pretty impressive form of technology. It allows us to work from anywhere using practically any device, increasing productivity and enabling us to stay in touch with our customers when they need us most. Suitable for all businesses, the cloud has helped hundreds and thousands of companies improve their services and make their working life easier.

Relying on a team of experts to look after your data through effective cloud storage services is, of course, an easy option, but whatever IT company you choose, it’s crucial to make sure your sensitive data is protected. Specialist BDR services (Backup Disaster Recover) offer total peace of mind. The likelihood of a natural disaster may seem pretty slim, but the cost of losing all your company data can be astronomical, so it makes sense to ensure all your information can be recovered quickly and easily in any instance.

IT backup and disaster recovery in the cloud

With our specially created backup and disaster recovery systems, all your data is fully protected in the cloud. With expert support and regular monitoring and maintenance included, our tried and tested procedures will keep all your archived data, latest projects and sensitive information secure.

Storing data securely onsite can take up a large amount of time, leading to extortionate costs. Reliable offsite solutions backup your data on a regular basis, so you’ll never lose a single file. If an important email that you received a few months ago is lost or gets accidentally deleted, our team are always on hand to recover it for you, meaning any data you may need to access is always available when you need it most.

At Netstar we are experienced in helping a wide range of companies from different industries, we understand every business is different which is why we tailor our services to suit your needs. When it comes to staying secure, we can provide quality antivirus software, content filtering and firewall solutions, email security, and of course our best practice backup and disaster recovery packages.

Don’t let a storm put you out of business. With full recovery within hours we can take the stress out of all your IT issues, ensuring technology makes your life easier and helps your business be more productive.

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