Make way for the latest hardware and software system in the world of touch screen computing – the Leap Motion Controller.

This three inch long gadget hooks up to your computer via the USB port and senses the movements of up to 10 individual finger movements, enabling users to interact directly with their computer.

Working with the specially designed software applications, these clever devices allow users to complete on screen artwork and 3D modelling with ease, as well as play games without a controller. Sign your name by simply pointing your pen in the appropriate area and sign in the air, and control any application with nuanced hand and finger movements.

Suitable for a wide range of industries, including art and design, engineering, gaming, and healthcare, the downloadable software includes applications in computer aided design, augmented reality and much more.

Like most new gadgets, the motion tracking dongle has been designed with a strong focus on Windows 8, but is also compatible with Windows 7 and Mac computers.

The system is of course ideal for design and gaming, but will also be ideal for the healthcare industry as surgeons can keep their gloves on and access important medical data with a wave of their finger.

The idea behind the motion-controlled hardware and software came from 3D modelling, where molding clay took 10 seconds in real life, but 30 minutes on a computer as the keyboard and mouse would slow the process down and get in the way. As current motion control technology couldn’t solve the problem, the company created the Leap Motion controller, which is 200 times more sensitive than similar products. The device is also the first of its kind to let users interact with computer applications using natural, simple hand and finger movements.

Leap Motion have recently announced a deal with ASUS, where the computer company will include integrated motion devices into future selected PCs.

Leap motion dongles are currently available for pre-order at $69.99. The exact launch date is currently unknown, butthe company have said the device will be hitting retailers in the first quarter of 2013.

Software developers across the globe are encouraged to create new applications for this unique system. Over 26,000 thousand companies have already requested to work with the world’s cleverest 3D motion control technology, so who knows? In time, this could be the way we all interact with our computers.

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