Apple’s Mac products are a popular choice for laptop and desktop users, with around 15% of UK internet users owning a MacBook. Apple Mac’s offer a host of benefits, including excellent user experience, speed, and reliability. Whilst they tend to be trouble-free, like any technical device, they need maintaining properly in order to continue operating efficiently.

Luckily, there are a number of easy steps you can take to optimise Mac performance at home, without the need for expert intervention. We’ve collated them below, so that you can ensure your Mac is running as efficiently as possible.

1. Find and repair disk errors

The macOS built-in Disk Utility app has a First Aid function which will check your device for errors and repair them, as well as alerting you if your drive needs replacing. Software errors can lead to unexpected faults with your device, and significant errors may even prevent your Mac from starting up completely, meaning it’s important to use the First Aid function regularly.

To find and repair disk errors, simply open Disk Utility, select the relevant device, and run a First Aid check.

If Disk Utility finds errors that it cannot repair itself, simply contact your IT support partner, who will be able to offer further guidance.

2. Manage your storage

A full hard drive will slow any device down, impacting how easy it is to use. Luckily, macOS has a built-in Storage Management app with multiple options to help you clear out old data and speed up your device.

Simply go to the Apple menu and click About this Mac, then navigate to Storage and click Manage. You’ll be able to see exactly how much storage you have available and choose from a selection of options to help optimise storage space.

These options include ‘Optimise Storage’ which automatically removes movies or TV shows that you’ve already watched, ‘Empty Trash Automatically’ which saves space by erasing items that have been in Trash for more than 30 days, and ‘Reduce Clutter’ which allows you to sort through documents and other content, so you can easily delete anything that’s no longer needed.

We also recommend taking advantage of cloud computing as an efficient way to store and access your data. Cloud computing enables you to safely store your files on the cloud, i.e. on the internet, meaning it doesn’t take up storage space in your hard drive. This also means you can access your data from anywhere, using any device, which is especially useful for remote or hybrid working.

3. Make sure updates are happening

Keeping your systems up to date is vital for optimal performance, as well as cyber security. Fortunately, Apple makes it easy to find out whether your software is up to date. Simply navigate to System Preferences app in the Software Update area, here you can check for updates and tweak update settings.

If you click on Advanced you can also toggle on options like downloading updates in the background, automatically checking for updates, and automatically installing updates.

At Netstar, if you choose to partner with us, we’ll proactively monitor your systems, ensuring your devices and software are always up to date. This will enhance your Mac performance, as well as boosting your cyber security and preventing cyber-attacks.

4. Shutting down your Mac

Devices have a tendency to slow down if they’re not rebooted regularly, this is because caches build up, temp files take up space, and system processes use valuable resources. Regularly shutting down your Mac means that these things won’t build up over time, boosting the efficiency of your device. We advise shutting down your machine after every use, and then restarting again when you use it next.

5. An effective cyber security strategy

Cyber-attacks, viruses, and malware can cause serious damage to your Mac, causing it to run slowly and ineffectively, as well as causing serious issues for your business, like financial loss and data breaches. A stringent cyber security strategy is therefore key to ensuring your Mac is running efficiently.

At Netstar, we offer a range of expert cyber security solutions designed to mitigate risk and keep your business protected from increasing threat.

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