PC healthcheck

It’s all too easy to ignore those mundane PC maintenance tasks, but spending a few minutes on updates, scanning and general clean ups could save you considerable time and money on computer repairs. It could also save you a lot of headaches, from waiting for a slow PC.

Here are 6 things you can do to keep your PC in top condition:

  • Scan for Viruses: Even if you have high quality antivirus software, your computer is still vulnerable if you don’t regularly scan your disk drive for infections. You should run a full scan every month, or once a week if you use your computer to look after financial accounts. You should also run a scan if your computer is running slowly or acting strangely in any way. There are many reliable malware scanning programs that you can use on a weekly basis.
  • Backup Your Data: To make sure you don’t lose any data you should backup your documents on a daily basis. We provide expert IT support, including backup and security systems and can offer full recovery within four hours. Leading standard IT procedures such as password policies, Virtual Private Network policies, server room security and much more will give you complete peace of mind. Depending on your set up you may be able to backup over the cloud.
  • Clean the Registry: This monthly task will ensure your Windows Registry doesn’t get clogged up with useless information which could potentially slow your PC down. Old registry entries from programs which no longer exist on can interfere with newer, relevant entries and the programs that use them.
  • Install Upgrades: Clicking that ‘remind me later’ button can be very tempting, but installing the latest updates on all software could help protect your computer. Some programs don’t always tell you when an upgrade becomes available – click the ‘check for upgrades’ button around once a month. This will keep your computer protected from any viruses which attack specific programs.
  • Desktop Clean Up: Another great clean up task to keep your computer up to speed. An abundance of unneeded files sitting in your desktop will slow your PC down and use up precious memory. Make sure the files on your desktop are only those which you frequently use. Keep other data in proper files and delete any unwanted information.
  • Get Dusting: You wouldn’t forget to polish your desk or vacuum your office carpets, but cleaning our computers is something which often gets forgotten about. With all their vents and fans it’s no wonder computers harbour dust, but you could be harming your PC by not giving it a regular wipe down. Dust traps heat inside your computer forcing materials to expand and causing problems with electrical equipment. Keep your computer looking and working its best by dusting around once or twice a week.

For more information on how to keep your computer in tip top condition, get in touch with our friendly IT support team. We help businesses of all sizes and can lend a helping hand at any time, keeping your business protected from any IT disasters.