What is a managed firewall?

A firewall is vital to protect your data, network and devices from potential cyber threats and security breaches. A properly configured, maintained and monitored firewall will prevent data loss, down time and loss of reputation. Netstar’s managed firewalls have the power to deal with normal and encrypted internet traffic without slowing you down or compromising your security.

With a Netstar managed  firewall, the complexity of protecting your network is removed, allowing you to focus on core business objectives without having to worry about potential security breaches.

How does it work?

A firewall is installed to sit between the internet and your office network. It’s programmed firewall rules will restrict inbound and outbound traffic, keeping your business safe and secure. Additionally, subscription services can be turned on and configured to add extra layers of protection and security to your network.

The benefits of Netstar’s managed firewall services:

  • Firewall hardware with same day replacement
  • Global management system for central management and real time security updates
  • Subscription to services for additional security
  • Automatic configuration backups
  • 3rd party external penetration testing
  • Monitoring and remediation
  • Ability to upgrade firewall in line with business goals and developments
  • GMS allows automatic configuration backups and updates
  • DPI-SSL provides additional security as it inspects encrypted HTTPS traffic