Microsoft is one of the most infamous companies in the tech world. Because of their scale and the diversity of what they offer, it can sometimes be difficult to deduce exactly what products, apps and services are out there.

Have you ever asked yourself… What exactly does Microsoft 365 include?

You’re probably already very familiar with Microsoft’s core products, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. But Microsoft 365 is so much more than that (which is why they decided to change their name from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 last year – you can read more about the name change here).

We highly recommend Microsoft 365. It’s especially useful as a tool for beginning to modernise your workplace. In fact, we’ve put together a comprehensive eBook on how Microsoft 365 can help to modernise your workplace in 2020, which you can access here.

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To begin to modernise your workplace with Microsoft 365, you’ll need to have a good understanding of what exactly is on offer and how each app and service can solve problems, streamline processes and boost productivity within your business.

Which is why we’ve put together a quick and easy glossary of 29 of Microsoft 365’s most popular apps and services. We’ll cover:

  • What each app or service is
  • It’s main capabilities
  • How it can add value to your business

Your Microsoft 365 glossary

Microsoft 365’s core apps and services

It’s likely you’re already using Microsoft 365’s core products on a daily basis, so we won’t go into that here. However, here’s a quick overview in case you’re not. And, if you do require any additional information, please feel free to get in touch today.

Word – An effective tool used to create documents (including reports, letters, proposals, newsletters etc.)

Excel – A comprehensive tool for creating spreadsheets to organise, calculate, analyse, and present data.

PowerPoint – A creative platform for designing compelling presentation slides, including images, videos, text, and more.

Outlook – A business-class email and calendar service used to connect with others, organise emails and meetings, and keep track of tasks and events.

OneNote – A digital notebook that you can divide into sections and pages to gather your thoughts, highlight important information, annotate notes, share ideas and collaborate with others.

OneDrive – A cloud-based data storage platform that enables you to access, share and collaborate on files from anywhere, at any time (provided you have a secure internet connection and suitable device)

Teams – A communication and collaboration tool that allows you to connect with others via instant messaging, video and audio, as well as enabling real-time collaboration of documents with colleagues.

Microsoft 365’s additional apps and services (the ones you might not know as much about!)


  • A platform to create, edit and share apps, either using templates or from scratch (without being a professional app developer)
  • Only available on a PC
  • Easy to use with the ability to create appealing and highly functional applications


  • A platform for scheduling appointments and meetings effortlessly
  • Will automatically sync to Outlook to prevent double bookings
  • Customizable appointment details
  • Easy to navigate webpages that enable customers to book in appointments with you directly, at a time that works for you both

Defender for endpoint

  • A cloud delivered endpoint security solution that reduces risk for your business
  • Consistently updated and no need to purchase additional IT infrastructure as it’s cloud-based
  • Insight into threats across devices, identities and information
  • Detect and manage cyber attacks
  • Threat monitoring and analysis to protect your data
  • (Please note that we suggest a multi-layered approach to cyber security to maximise the protection of your business, get in touch today to find out more)


  • A world-class internet browser
  • Added features to customize and control your searching experience
  • Supported on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android
  • ‘Give with Bing’ enables you to collect Microsoft Reward points just by searching via Bing, which are then donated directly to a cause of your choice
  • Built in Microsoft security technology to maximise the safety of your data when browsing the internet


  • Intelligent writing assistance that highlights spelling, grammar and style errors on documents, emails and webpages meaning you never make another silly mistake
  • A browser extension that can be easily installed and used on a day to day basis
  • Ability to gain suggestions in different languages


  • A cloud-based business-class email and calendaring service that’s used in conjunction with Outlook
  • A focused inbox that automatically filters out the spam, so you can easily sort through and respond to the emails that are relevant and important
  • Advanced calendaring features, including suggestions on where to meet for an appointment based on your location
  • Search enhancements to improve the process of searching for important emails


  • A platform to create and share surveys, quizzes and polls for effective data collection
  • Real-time tracking of responses, so you can see how recipients respond straightaway
  • Find the answers you need, whether that’s with open-ended answers, multiple choice or numbered scales
  • Share forms with recipients easily via a webpage link


  • A cloud-based device management platform that allows you to control all employee devices and applications in a way that suits you
  • Add access restrictions and password requirements for different platforms, systems and devices (e.g. implement multi-factor authentication)
  • Wipe data from stolen and lost devices
  • Enables BYOD (bring your own device) whereby employee’s personal devices can be enrolled onto Microsoft Intune if they’re being used for work purposes
  • For more info, we’ve written a comprehensive overview of the business benefits of Microsoft Intune, which you can read here


  • An organisation platform for creating lists to coordinate work, events, tasks and more
  • Use ready-made templates for easy creation of well-structured lists
  • Share lists with others and sync in Teams for collaboration on tasks
  • Prioritise tasks with your team using rules, reminders and comments


  • A cohesive mileage tracking and reporting application that works in the background on your phone as you drive
  • Tracks and records journeys, creating a record of tax deductible and reimbursable mileage to automate the process
  • Automatically tracks journeys within the working day or taken regularly for work purposes as per The Work Hours feature
  • Select which journeys are for work or personal purposes manually if needed


  • A personal productivity platform that gives you insight into the effectiveness of your working day
  • Uses artificial intelligence to help you set aside focus time, stay on top of tasks, follow up and prepare for important meetings
  • Only you can view your personal data which will outline your working behaviour (including time spent on emails, meetings, calls etc.)


  • A task management tool for task delegation, organisation and record keeping
  • Assign due dates, employees, labels, and extra info to tasks
  • Automatic visualisation of task completion – into bar and pie charts so you can see just how much needs to be done
  • Integrates with To Do, SharePoint and Power Automate for improved efficiency

Power Automate

  • A tool for streamlining and automating repetitive and time-consuming manual tasks and processes
  • Build workflows to automate processes and determine future actions
  • Reducing the amount of time spent on mundane tasks will allow employees more time to add genuine value to your business

Project Management

  • A project management tool designed to help you deliver projects effectively and punctually, no matter their size
  • Enables a centralized view of projects and tasks across your entire organisation
  • Allows for effective planning, implementation and delivery of projects, with options to customize the platform to suit the needs of your business


  • A tool for creating professional and appealing documents, such as newsletters, brochures and posters
  • Only available on PC
  • Create and design visually appealing documents including text, images, borders, calendars and more


  • Your own intranet service, used for effective collaboration and sharing of content within departments and companywide
  • Can be accessed from anywhere, at any time
  • Share files, data, news and resources within teams and with the entire company – useful documents could include remote working policies, buy and sell holiday schemes, cycle to work schemes, thought leadership documents and more


  • The perfect place to store, share and watch videos
  • Stores videos via the cloud so they’re available from anywhere, at any time and don’t use up storage space on devices
  • Additional features, such as auto-generated captions, face detection and speech to text

To do

  • A digital daily planner to organise your day, week, month or year
  • Intelligent and personalised suggestions for updating your daily to do list
  • Accessible from anywhere, at any time so that you can refer to and edit your tasks for the day on the go
  • Share your planner with friends, family, colleagues, and other professionals to ensure your day fits around others
  • Break down big projects into smaller manageable tasks, including due dates and reminders to ensure tasks are completed punctually


  • A visual, digital tool for creating polished diagrams, including flowcharts, organisation charts, floor plans etc.
  • A selection of modern templates available
  • Real-time collaboration on diagrams with colleagues
  • Automatically connect your diagrams with the corresponding data, meaning they’re continually updated


  • Your own digital whiteboard for brainstorming, annotating and sharing ideas
  • Used in line with an interface designed for pen, touch and keyboard
  • Work can be transformed into charts, shapes and diagrams to illustrate your point
  • Collaboration with colleagues from anywhere, at any time – meaning you can still brainstorm when working remotely
  • Files are stored on the cloud, removing the need to take and store photos of traditional whiteboards

Workplace Analytics

  • A tool for tracking the productivity and efficiency of your entire organisation, giving you valuable insights for innovation, adaptation and improvement
  • Identify patterns in business processes
  • Identify areas of opportunity, not only for business but also for your employees – allowing them to upskill and develop
  • Recognise areas where your business excels and build upon these


  • A platform used by colleagues for communication and engagement whereby they can ask questions, gather information, provide constructive feedback and discuss points of interest
  • Improves the social experience of remote working, helping to maintain company culture
  • Can be integrated with Teams and SharePoint for streamlined internal communications

We hope our Microsoft 365 glossary has given you more of an insight into everything Microsoft has to offer. We now recommend discussing your options with an IT expert to deduce the apps and services that would add most value to your business.

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