After the success of Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet released back in October, the computing leaders are already set to launch their next gadget – Surface Pro.

The tablet has already been released in the US, but the company are keeping the UK launch date quiet. With a more powerful ARM based processor and full version of Windows 8, it’s highly likely the Surface Pro will be another hit for Microsoft.

Microsoft Surface Pro Features

Although designed with Windows 8 in mind, unlike the Surface RT the tablet will also run Windows 7 desktop applications, appealing to audiences who aren’t yet used to the new software.

Powered by an i5 Intel core processor, the device combines both PC and tablet features, offering better hardware and more jacks compared to similar products. The machine is slightly heavier and sturdier than the Surface RT and comes with a convenient pen allowing users to navigate and edit documents with ease.

The Surface Pro is a powerful device available as a 64GB or 128GB (Gigabyte) model. Features like Create and Connect mean users can connect the device to projectors and big screens providing a HD outlet which allows presentations to be viewed more clearly. The scratch resistant glass and compact design also makes the Surface Pro ideal for when you’re on the move.

Like the Surface RT, the popular Type and Touch covers can be used on the updated model and click in and out in the same way.

As well being able to run Windows 7 or 8, consumers can use other desktop software, including Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Adobe and iTunes. Speed is another convenient feature, with large Office apps opening in just one second.

Reports have indicated that more and more businesses are adopting the ‘bring your own device’ trend, allowing workers to choose which machine works best for their role. The US Forrester Research Report indicated that many workers would prefer to use Windows tablets like Surface, rather than iPads and other gadgets which endorse a more tablet style approach.

Ultimately, Microsoft’s new device is capable of acting as your main PC, the only thing that may put users off is the ultrabook price of £565 without the Touch Cover keyboard.

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