Microsoft Intune

What is Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based device management tool that allows businesses to manage all employee devices and applications, from anywhere, at any time. It’s a component of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) offering and integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365, Azure Active Directory and other Microsoft services.

Microsoft Intune enables businesses to control their devices and applications in a way that suits them. This includes, Mobile Application Management (MAM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM), whereby all devices and applications can be controlled via the cloud easily and securely. Microsoft Intune is praised for its ability to boost overall business productivity, security, efficiency and remote working capability.

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What does Microsoft Intune do?

We’ve listed below some of the standout capabilities and data leakage prevention measures included in Microsoft Intune. But, please note that you should speak to your Business Technology Advisor or get in touch today for a more comprehensive overview of how Microsoft Intune can add value to your business.

Microsoft Intune gives you the opportunity to:

  • Enable BYOD (bring your own device), whereby Microsoft Intune can be deployed on personal devices without them having to be enrolled. Meaning that employees can use personal devices for work purposes, knowing that corporate data will be protected.
  • Add additional password requirements by implementing specialised data protection apps (such as multi-factor authentication and same sign-on).
  • Wipe data from stolen and lost devices.
  • Improve overall productivity, as Intune works seamlessly with Microsoft 365, meaning data can be safely deployed, used and managed.
  • Have access to a range of innovative and enhanced Microsoft apps.
  • Manage and update apps automatically across all relevant devices.
  • Restrict access where necessary with tailormade policies based on conditions such as location, user, device, app sensitivity and real-time risk – meaning only specific people will be able to access specific data.
  • Implement other protection policies including, preventing emails being sent to users outside of your business, controlling the way users share information, and establishing password requirements.

Microsoft Intune and remote working

Since its inception, Microsoft Intune has been an extremely useful tool for businesses looking to streamline processes, boost productivity and keep their data secure. But, since the pandemic and subsequent rise in remote working practices, Microsoft Intune has become even more beneficial.

It allows employees to continue to work effectively, no matter where they are or what device they’re using. Many businesses struggled with the transition to remote working because they didn’t have tools like Microsoft Intune in place. Whereas, those that did were able to check emails, access calendars and contacts, and collaborate with colleagues as normal. As such, Microsoft Intune is an excellent tool to have in place to ensure that employees can continue to work effectively and securely, even when they’re not in the office.

What are the benefits of having Microsoft Intune?

  • It’s adaptable – Microsoft Intune is compatible with all devices and software, including iOS, Android, and Windows.
  • It’ secure – Microsoft Intune requires all apps and devices to comply with your specific security requirements. It also allows employees to use personal devices for work purposes, whilst isolating corporate and personal data, keeping your data safe and secure.
  • It’s flexible – with Microsoft Intune, you can access applications from any device, at any time. Meaning you can work remotely, on the go or in the office.
  • It’s easy to use – security policies can be applied seamlessly across different departments and individuals, making it easy to secure new and existing devices on a large scale.
  • It’s scalable – Microsoft Intune has the capacity to grow with you, as your business grows. This means that once it’s in place, you don’t need to worry about your business out-growing it’s capabilities.
  • It gives you control – Microsoft Intune puts the power into your hands, giving you the ability to control how your devices and data are used, with the ability to tailor policies to the needs of your business.

How can Microsoft Intune add value to my business?

Microsoft Intune gives you the opportunity to protect your data whilst boosting productivity across your organisation, making it an absolute must for remote working. Integrated with Microsoft 365, Intune allows you to control and manage how devices and applications are used, enabling you to deploy apps, restrict access, and implement specific policies where necessary.

To learn more about Microsoft 365 and how Microsoft Intune fits into this, click here.

Alternatively, to find out how Microsoft Intune can add value to your business, speak to your Business Technology Advisor or get in touch today.

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