The wait is finally over; Microsoft has introduced the latest version of its popular Office software. The Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Outlook programs have had a major re-design to work better with tablets and touch screen computers.

The updated software also features an app store where users can add further functions depending on their requirements.

However, it’s the pricing that really marks the biggest change for the new version as consumers and businesses can now buy Office 365 packages in subscription bundles rather than in one bulk load. This change will make it much easier to get specific applications in the right quantity.

For example, subscribers of the Office 365 Home Premium package will be able to use Office programs on up to 5 PCs, have access to over 20GB of SkyDrive cloud storage and 60 minutes of Skype calls per month. The Premium Home package is certainly the version to shout about according to Microsoft’s website, and the license will be constantly updated with the latest features and applications. Microsoft is also offering a free one month trial for this version.

The Office suite products account for a significant chunk of the firm’s earnings and the company continue to reinvent their programs to make them more powerful compared to cheaper alternatives.

Built specifically with Windows 8 and the cloud in mind, the software is as easy to use on a tablet as is it on a desktop PC.

However, the suite is still not suitable for Apple products, something Microsoft may have to reconsider to avoid competitors unleashing similar services.

Office and Cloud Computing

By saving files to the cloud, users are able to access documents anywhere through the online SkyDrive. This means you can work on a project at the office, at home or when you’re out and about using the SkyDrive mobile app, so your files, photos and videos are no longer limited to a single device.

To access information, photos and videos quickly you can also add services to your Office programs to link them with social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube and Flickr.

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