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What does it mean to build a modern workplace?

The way we live and work is changing every day, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Building a modern workplace is about acknowledging these changes and adapting organisational models, structures and processes to adhere to the everchanging modern world.

Every process in business is underpinned by technology, from selling to customers to filing expenses, thus workplace modernisation is largely tech related. However, businesses should be wary not to neglect seemingly non-tech related dynamics, such as employee wellbeing and attracting talent. Because, ultimately, modernising the workplace is about people, not about technology.

Modernising or digitally transforming your business is a case of problem-solving. Whereby, every process and experience within an organisation is reviewed and improved to adapt to the modern era (this includes everything from staff satisfaction and customer experience to the way you store your data or sell to customers). Continual evaluation and improvement, largely with the implementation of relevant technology, enables businesses to grow, achieve goals and outperform competitors.

But fundamentally, people are at the heart of building a modern workplace. Every piece of new technology that’s implemented should be centred around what is best for your customers, clients and employees – because happy people enhance growth, brand and profit, ultimately leading to success. Read more about why people are the number one secret to successful digital transformation here.

Additionally, we have written a comprehensive eBook for Business Owners and Directors on how to modernise your workplace in 2021, recommending Microsoft 365 as the ideal modernisation toolkit. You can download this eBook for free here or using the link below.

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When should I begin modernising my workplace?

Put simply, as soon as possible.

“If businesses don’t utilise technology to modernise their workplaces soon, they’ll quickly be outperformed by their more tech savvy and ambitious competitors.” – Mit Patel, Managing Director, Netstar IT Support

Digital transformation has become somewhat of a buzzword in recent years, meaning most businesses are beginning to realise that they need to implement technological changes to modernise their workplaces now or risk losing out to their competitors.

If executed correctly, the results of establishing a modern workplace are astounding…

“A fundamental change of mind-set, focusing on the customer, along with operational and IT improvements, can generate a 20-30% uplift in customer satisfaction, a 10-20% improvement in employee satisfaction, and economic gains ranging from 20-50%.” – McKinsey & Company

Microsoft 365 – the ideal toolkit for a modern workplace

So, now that you’re beginning to make moves towards workplace modernisation… Where do you start?

We recommend Microsoft 365 as the ideal toolkit for building a modern workplace. We’ve written extensively about why in our eBook here, but we’ve included an overview of some of the main benefits below too.

Microsoft 365 includes a diverse range of apps and services that go far beyond the core Office apps (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) that most of us use every day. Here are some key benefits and features:

  • Most apps and services are cloud-based, meaning they can be accessed securely from anywhere, at any time, using any device – which is fundamental for effective remote working.
  • Business owners and senior leaders can control how apps and devices are used by restricting access and implementing additional security measures (such as multi-factor authentication) – maximising the security of your data.
  • Apps can be used to streamline processes in almost every aspect of your business, e.g. for booking meetings, attending video calls, contacting colleagues via instant messages, sharing videos, and so much more.
  • Data leakage prevention measures can be implemented across all employee inboxes, helping to identify and block data from being sent accidentally or maliciously to contacts outside of your organisation.
  • Email data can be stored long-term (even if emails have been deleted), ensuring that you’re compliant with standard and industry regulations.
  • Features can be implemented that enable employees to sign into all cloud-based applications (e.g. Sage, Salesforce) only once per day – boosting the productivity of your business.

These benefits will help you to build a modern workplace, whereby the experiences of employees and customers will be significantly improved. What’s so great about Microsoft 365 is that you can tailor your subscription to the needs of your business, opting for as many or as few services as you like. As such, you will only be investing in tools that directly benefit your business.

Find out more about using Microsoft 365 to establish a modern workplace by downloading our complimentary eBook.

Case study: Building a modern workplace with Microsoft 365

Chelverton Asset Management are an Asset Management firm with offices in London, Bath and Edinburgh. They chose to partner with Netstar as they were looking for effective, responsive, and proactive IT Support and Consultancy. The high level of service we offer has helped them to modernise their business; streamlining processes, maximising security and boosting productivity.

The goal: Being in the Financial Services sector, Chelverton Asset Management needed to ensure that the way they store data was secure, efficient and fully compliant. Which is why they knew a reappraisal and upgrade of IT security needed to be the priority when modernising their business.

The solution: Netstar carried out a comprehensive audit of their IT set up in each of their office locations across the UK. We then recommended solutions that addressed their service quality and compliance issues. This involved:

The results: Chelverton Asset Management gained a robust, efficient system that provided top class cyber security, effortless file sharing and improved business efficiency.

“It was a big change and we were all dreading it. I couldn’t believe we’d just log in and it would all be working. But it pretty much went completely to plan. We were all up and running really quickly.” – Lisa Pavitt, Business Support Manager, Chelverton Asset Management

The next steps…

If you want to know more about how to build a modern workplace, you can either get in touch today to speak to one of our experts or download our free comprehensive eBook below. Our eBook includes:

  • An introduction to modernising the workplace
  • More real-life examples of how London companies have built successful modern workplaces
  • More information on how Microsoft 365 can contribute towards workplace modernisation
  • How to develop an IT roadmap
  • How to measure ROI for your modern workplace
  • A checklist of dos and don’ts for modernising the workplace
  • How to apply modernisation to your business
  • Why a people-centric model for modernisation is crucial

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