As part of our entry in the 2018 IT Service & Support Awards, we were asked as finalists, to make a short video depicting life at Netstar. The brief was to create a funny clip for the audience to enjoy on the night of the awards. The theme we chose was ‘Netstar does Planet Earth’.

Check it out, we hope you like it!

Why Planet Earth?

There’s a reason we chose this theme for our video. Something that is important to us as a company is taking the time to understand the different personalities we have on the team and figuring out the best way we can all work together. The personality test we all take when joining Netstar reveals what type of animal you are. Make A Difference, by  Dr. Larry Little involves the following four animal types: Leading Lions, Competent Camels, Tranquil Turtles and Much-Loved Monkeys. These all represent different qualities and working styles. We each have a combination of different types, and our predominant animal type, sits on our desk (in cuddly toy form) to remind us when we’re dealing with our colleagues what their working style is, and how we can best relate to them.

Did we win?

We’re happy to say that after making it through three stages to the final we did end up winning the award! Read more about that here.


Join me as we meet the creatures who prevent our world from plunging into darkness.

Dawn breaks at this London IT service provider.

At the local watering hole, some of the workers socialise, play games…

…and impress one another.

…refresh themselves.

Meanwhile, others get straight to work restoring client printers and changing passwords.

The Dominant male arrives for the day. And he calls his team to a meeting behind closed doors.

Never before has this behaviour been filmed in the wild.

The day wears on like any other. And energy levels begin to drop.

But in this paradise, circumstances can change in an instant.

An IT engineer suddenly receives an alert. All of Netstar’s clients have gone offline.

Panic quickly sets in.

…the fate of the entire company now rests on them finding a solution to their problem.

As the madness continues, a mature male emerges. He alone has the experience and wisdom to deal with this issue.

George, the service desk delivery manager, has been here many times before…

He knows to look beyond the obvious…

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