What is it?

All of our clients have a lightweight program on their PCs called “Netstar IT Support Portal”.

This program is an easier way to contact our service desk about new and existing IT problems. All IT issues that you submit to the service desk through the Portal will automatically include information about your machine which helps us to locate and remotely fix it.

Tickets are assigned to the most relevant person so that we can start working on them sooner, and you don’t have to be on the phone explaining the issue – so you can get on with your day.

How do I find the portal?

You can find it by searching “Netstar” in the start menu or home screen, or by looking for this icon on your desktop or in the notification area:

netstar it support portal

Once you have opened the Portal, it will look like this:

netstar portal

How do I use the portal?

When launching the portal you should be logged in automatically, however, if you’re prompted with a login screen please enter your email address and password to Netstar Client Portal. If you have forgotten your password or unable to login, please click on “Forgot password?” in order to receive an email with password reset instructions. If you are still unable to login, then please contact our service desk.

After logging in you are presented with the profile page which contains basic information about you and your computer that can then be used to help identify it should the need arise.

Requesting support

You can request support by navigating to the Request Support section on the left, and then choosing a support type:

request-support netstar IT Support portal

When requesting support simply enter both a brief summary and full description of the problem.

You can also choose to attach a file of up to 4 megabytes or take a screenshot and attach it to the ticket. When taking a screenshot the DeskDirector screen will be minimized and a screenshot taken of whatever is behind it. So if an error has popped up leave it open and then click “Take Screenshot”.

Finally, submit the ticket.

Viewing tickets

You can view tickets to see their latest status, any notes entered by our engineers. You can also add notes yourself, upload files to the ticket or close the ticket.

What else can I do with the portal?

When viewing a ticket, you may also see a “Chat now” button – which will initiate a chat request with an available engineer.

If you have been given access to approvals, you will be able to view tickets for your company that require approval. Similarly, if you have the required level of access you may also be able to view IT recommendations and quotes for your company.

There is also a learning centre where users can find answers to some of the most common IT issues/requests and see how to fix them.

Need more information?

For more detail on, or help with, any of the features of the portal, or if you have any questions, please contact your account manager.

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