Apple’s latest update (6.1.2) has been introduced to solve issues with iOS and emails. Many iOS users have been experiencing problems when checking emails on an Exchange server, as the phone ramps up data usage which in turn significantly reduces battery life.

iPhone 4S users in particular have been experiencing unusually high over-heating and power loss, struggling to get through the day on a single charge. Apple are continuing to work with Microsoft and resolve such issues, but in the meantime, if you go to Settings – General and install your latest software update, this should help solve the battery problems.

The iOS 6.11 was introduced to solve connectivity problems on the iPhone 4S, and it did, but in turn left behind a whole host of other problems. Business users in particular need their email and battery to work effectively on the go. Updating your mobile is generally advisable as this enables you to get the most from your device. However, even the very latest technology and software has its flaws, so it’s a good idea to do your research before you go downloading.

The iOS 6.1.2 release notes state that the update “fixes an Exchange calendar bug that could result in increased network activity and reduced battery life”.

Check Your Settings

It’s not just new updates which affect your mobile’s battery life. Location based apps and iCloud syncing are also partly at fault. By incorporating some simple setting changes, you should be able to improve your battery life, so making that last minute call or checking your emails at the end of the day is no longer a hassle.

Your standby time should always be greater than your usage time, otherwise its more than likely your phone is using up power when it’s not even in use. You can check this by going to Settings – General – Usage. If this is the case, there are many applications you can disable, including Bluetooth and WiFi, sending of diagnostic and usage data, automatic time zone determinations, automatic screen brightness control, and iCloud which you can temporarily disable or decrease what you sync.

Poorly performing email accounts will also affect battery life. Simply replacing or re-adding them should solve this.

If all else fails you could always wipe and reset your phone. Although this isn’t the most convenient solution, this will fix any bugs you may have on your system.

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