Microsoft’s new Office 365 Business offers some new features which are aimed at making the lives of small and medium businesses much easier. The integrated solution is easy for business users to utilise; combining productivity tools with security and device management.

It is powered by Office 365 and Windows 10, and can help improve productivity. As a cloud based solution it provides a huge level of flexibility and suits today’s working lifestyle.

The solution is designed for small and mid-size businesses. It can help companies improve productivity in various ways, such as increasing connectivity for remote workers and project collaboration. I have highlighted some of these features, read on to find out more.


One of the most exciting features for those who love to write their notes with a good old-fashioned pen is the inking feature. This allows you to make notes in OneNote which can then be turned into text and copied to whichever document you need them in. As someone who loves to take notes by hand, I’m pretty excited about this feature!

O365 Business links into several file sync and sharing solutions, alleviating some of the worry about file space. The focus is definitely on being able to easily share documents, calendars, chats with colleagues and those outside of your company.

Aimed at small and medium sized businesses there are a range of apps which provides tools to help your business. From managing customer relationships, to managing invoicing, bookings and business listings. You can centrally manage the various apps with the Office 365 Business Centre.


It can help your team increase productivity and improve collaboration on projects. The communication tools included within Office 365 Business are aimed at doing this; creating a cohesive communications experience, both internally and externally. From outlook, to instant messaging and video conferencing, users are supported and able to collaborate on projects regardless of location. In addition to Skype for Business, there is Microsoft Teams. This is a hub within Office 365 which integrates people, content and tools involved in projects. This hub can incorporate O365 apps and other cloud based apps as required.


The benefit of using an integrated solution is that you have single, secure login to access all of your data, devices and apps. This means you only have to remember one password when using a different device or application. For those of us who are forgetful this is very helpful. It also means you can concentrate on creating a strong password. Read our guide on how to create a secure password here.

“The security you need is built in and working behind the scenes, to not only protect company devices, but also your employees’ personal devices.”

App protection is provided for all the Office mobile apps, and security configurations are consistent across devices. This means your company data is protected across devices, including on employees’ personal devices. This takes the headache away if a device is lost or stolen. It is also easy to manage user access from one point. For example, if you are an office manager and want to create login credentials for a new user it is easy for you to do this via the admin centre. It is also easy to update settings from here when a user leaves.

What options are there?

There are different plans to choose from, ranging from Office 365 Business, to Business Premium and Business Essentials. The distinction being that the Business plan does not include Office 365 email or Skype for Business. Business Essentials is different as it connects to Office 365 Online rather than having apps installed on your computer or device. This flexibility allows you to tailor your usage to your business needs. All are based on a per user/ per month cost.

Microsoft office 365 Business

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