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data security tools

Cyber Security

5 data security tools to help your business grow over the next 6 months

Data security and business growth Business owners often view data security as entirely separate to business growth, but they shouldn’t.…


Cyber Security

Why do I need a firewall?

A firewall is an essential part of your business' security system. Without it, your network is open to threats. A…

data security trends

Cyber Security

Data security for a remote workforce: 2021 trends

2020 was an extraordinarily turbulent year, with most of the world forced to work remotely for extended periods of time.…

password manager

Cyber Security

What is a password manager and why do I need one?

Passwords. We can’t get through the day without them. From logging into our social media accounts to managing our online…

Microsoft 365 glossary

Top Tips

Your simple glossary for all things Microsoft 365

Microsoft is one of the most infamous companies in the tech world. Because of their scale and the diversity of…


Cyber Security

[Free Webinar Download] Cyber Security in a Remote World: Protecting your Business and Employees

The rise in remote working has meant that many businesses now face additional threats and challenges. Are you confident your…

proactive IT support

IT Best Practices

Proactive IT Support – What is it and why is it crucial?

Proactive IT support will optimise business performance and fuel growth, helping you to outperform competitors and enhance your customer experience.…

Merry Christmas

IT Blog Archive

Christmas opening hours 2020

Merry Christmas from Netstar! After an especially challenging 2020, we’re here to assure you that it will be business as…

IT budgets 2021

IT Best Practices

What should my IT budget be for 2021?

A question we hear a lot from business owners is “how much should I budget for IT?” The truth (frustratingly)…

Press Releases

Netstar IT Support wins 50 Best Managed IT Companies Award for third consecutive year

It was recently announced that Netstar IT Support has been selected as one of the 50 Best Managed IT Companies…


Top Tips

Our five top tips for secure, accessible passwords when working from home

Imagine this… Holly has been working from home ever since the first national lockdown in March 2020. This has been…

digital innovation

Top Tips

Digital innovation: You know it’s time

Digital innovation definition Digital innovation is directly linked to digital transformation, whereby technology is used to revolutionise the way a…

modern workplace

Top Tips

The 2021 guide to building a modern workplace with Microsoft 365

What does it mean to build a modern workplace? The way we live and work is changing every day, especially…

evolution of mobile phones


How mobile phone technology has changed over the last 40 years

In their most basic sense, mobile phones are used to allow us to keep in touch with others when we’re…

Microsoft 365

Top Tips

Microsoft 365: 12 super useful features you may not know about

Microsoft 365 (formally known as Office 365 – find out more about the name change here) is one of the…

data security

Cyber Security

7 reasons UK SMEs need to prioritise data security now

Data breaches occur because SMEs make the easy mistake of assuming it “won’t happen to us.” But what happens when…

Netstar Air IT

Press Releases

Netstar and Air IT group join forces

Air IT Limited is pleased to announce its most recent acquisition – adding London based IT company Netstar UK Limited…

Customer Experience Heroes

Press Releases

Netstar’s Customer Experience Heroes of 2020

London, October 2020 – Netstar name their Customer Experience Heroes of 2020 as part of the UK Customer Experience awards.…

cloud computing solutions

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing solutions: The best way to store your data

What is cloud computing and how does it work? In simple terms, cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing…


IT Best Practices

10 ways your employees can compromise business security in 2020

This year, a record number of employees have been working remotely and flexible working practices are set to stay, with…

office move

IT Best Practices

Moving office in 2020: 10 expert tips you need to know

Moving office in 2020 Planning an office move in 2020 will be a totally new experience for any business. Whilst…

Man on phone working from home using VoIP on a mobile phone

IT Best Practices

Want an easy way to boost customer satisfaction? Try a cloud phone system

  Remote working and cloud phone systems In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are working from home than…

remote working Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams: 4 ways it can help your staff work remotely

Remote working has now become commonplace to keep staff, families, customers, and communities safe during this challenging time, in London…


IT Best Practices

IT Outsourcing: Over a third of London-based businesses do it and here’s why

The definition of IT Outsourcing IT outsourcing refers to when businesses use external service providers to deliver IT-related processes, services,…

remote working

Top Tips

How do you engage a remote workforce?

Remote working in 2020 Continuously advancing modern technology means that, for many professionals, working remotely can be just as effective…

Press Releases

Netstar IT Support London is announced as a finalist for the prestigious Customer Experience in a Crisis award!

London, September 2020 – Netstar are thrilled to announce that they have been chosen as finalists for the prestigious ‘Customer…

Microsoft Intune

Top Tips

New to Microsoft Intune? Here’s what you need to know

What is Microsoft Intune? Microsoft Intune is a cloud-based device management tool that allows businesses to manage all employee devices…

cyber essentials plus featured image

Press Releases

Netstar IT Support London successfully renew their Cyber Essentials Plus certification!

London, 1st September 2020 – Last week Netstar successfully renewed their Cyber Essentials Plus certification. Cyber Essentials is a government-backed,…

IT strategy

IT Best Practices

Why IT strategy is more important than you think

What is an IT strategy? IT strategy refers to the governing document that outlines how technology and IT infrastructure will…

Services Company of the Year Award Netstar

Press Releases

Netstar IT Support is announced as a finalist for The UK IT Industry Awards, Services Company of the Year 2020!

London, August 2020 – Netstar are delighted to announce that they have been selected as finalists for the Services Company…

Top Tips

The 7 biggest IT issues affecting productivity in 2020 and how to fix them

  Prioritising productivity will help your business succeed during challenging times. So, to help you, we’ve compiled a list of…

5 ways technology can help you outshine the competition

IT Best Practices

5 ways technology can help you outshine the competition in 2020

  Technology fuels every aspect of the modern workplace, so you need to make sure that you’re using it to…

Digital Transformation

Top Tips

Digital transformation: The number one secret for success

What is digital transformation? Otherwise known as IT transformation, digital transformation refers to the mass implementation of new technology to…

IT set up

IT Best Practices

Does your business have the best IT set-up for success? Here’s 5 things you might have overlooked!

An effective IT set-up will facilitate productivity, efficiency, security and success. Getting the right IT setup is vital, now more…

Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate

Press Releases

Netstar On-Site Engineer, Anil, gains the Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop certification!

London, 22nd July 2020 – This week On-site Engineer, Anil Wowra, successfully achieved the Microsoft 365 Modern Desktop Administrator Associate…

Technology can give you a competitive edge

Top Tips

How technology can help you gain a competitive edge in challenging times

Savvy businesses will be taking advantage of the latest technological innovations to gain a competitive edge, and you should be…

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