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Why You Can’t Live Without Email Archiving

change password

Cyber Security

58 Passwords You Should Not be Using

58 Passwords You Should Not be Using

landline phone

Cloud Computing

Don’t know what VoIP is? You’re not alone. Let us tell you…

Organisations across multiple sectors face the same dilemma; the switch from outdated systems to digital technologies. The constant pressure to…

windows 10

IT Best Practices

How To Enable Shadow Copy and Restore Points

recover files button on keyboard

IT Best Practices

How To Easily Recover Files Using Shadow Copy

office relocation

Top Tips

Top Tips for a Smooth and Easy Office Move

planner diary


Here’s what Happened when I Used Productivity Planner for a Week…Part II

By Sarah Robson Following in the footsteps of my predecessor (Robert Dodds, formerly Marketing Manager at Netstar) and his journey…



The value of a dedicated IT Director

All of our clients are assigned a dedicated IT Director to ensure that our relationship with you always delivers as much…

IT nation europe

Press Releases

Netstar Management Lead Speaking Session at IT Nation Europe on Harnessing the Power of KPIs for Business Growth

Email hack

Top Tips

The Top Tricks Hackers Use to Fool Your Employees

Your business is only as secure as your least cyber aware employee. Discover the most common threats that they fall…

data back up

IT Best Practices

Disaster Recovery – Don’t Cut Your Business Life Support

cost IT downtime

IT Best Practices

The True Cost of IT Downtime & How to Combat it

cyber fraud

Cyber Security

Seeing the Unseen: Combatting Invisible Cyber Security Threats

cyber security

Top Tips

10 Top Tips to Secure Your Network



The New Office 365 Business Features That Will Make Your Job Easier

Microsoft’s new Office 365 Business offers some new features which are aimed at making the lives of small and medium…


Netstar does Planet Earth

As part of our entry in the 2018 IT Service & Support Awards, we were asked as finalists, to make…


Press Releases

Netstar Wins IT Service & Support Award 2018

laptop keyboard

IT Best Practices

Computer Problem? Turning It Off And On Again Actually Works. Here’s why…


Cloud Computing

How to Brace Your Business for the Information Explosion


Cyber Security

Why Facebook is a Hacker’s Best Friend, Why and How to Secure Your Account

Cyber criminals research you on Facebook so they can write personalised emails designed to get you to click and install…

cloud computing

Cloud Computing

Infographic: The Benefits Of Cloud Computing



8 Top Tips for Choosing the Best Software for Your Business

desktop vs laptop

IT Best Practices

Are desktop computers still essential in the workplace?

In January 2014 I wrote about the benefits of cloud computing for businesses. I made a few predictions about the…


IT Best Practices

9 Sure Ways You’re More Likely To Get Hacked

the benefits of netstar's it support


IT Support with Added Value


Cloud Computing

Need for Speed: London’s Broadband is Killing Businesses



4 Ways Blogging Can Help your Business Grow


Cyber Security

Lebal Malware Attack: Would You Print the Label?

trust in business

IT Best Practices

Better the devil you know? Why you need to evaluate your IT provider.

Email security

Cyber Security

IT Security Trends 2018: How your company could be at risk.

Amongst the discussion on emerging security trends for the year ahead, one thing is becoming evident, we as individuals are…

Best small MSP

Press Releases

Netstar is an IT Service & Support Awards Finalist 2018


Press Releases

Netstar Shortlisted for IT Service & Support Awards 2018

sprectre, meltdown

Cyber Security

What are Spectre & Meltdown ?

IT downtime response time

Backup & Disaster Recovery

How long does it take your IT partner to deal with an issue? If it’s more than one hour then read this…

Email Security

Cyber Security

Don’t make this simple email mistake

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IT Best Practices

Why you need a reliable IT support partner

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