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cyber security

Cyber Security

3 Ways Your IT Department Can Damage your Reputation

Your IT partner could ruin your reputation leading to financial losses & breach of compliance regulations. How confident are you…

cyber attack

Cyber Security

Can Your IT Provider Protect You from These Threats?

What are those 'security threats' to your business you always hear about? How much threat do they pose? Read this…


Cyber Security

BREXIT: Impact on UK Businesses from an IT Outsourcing Perspective

What are the impacts on IT costs and security for UK businesses as a result of the public's decision to…

microsoft planner

Cyber Security

Microsoft Planner – A Solution for Organising Teamwork and Collaboration

Microsoft has released their new planning/productivity app! Linking with Office 365, it could be a great choice for organisation looking…


Cyber Security

Unlocking the ‘mystery’ of phone call leads

How do you track leads accurately when Analytics and Adwords numbers can't be trusted because of all the fake conversions…


Cyber Security

Mass LinkedIn Hack Reveals Everyone Still Chooses Terrible Passwords!

Over 100 million LinkedIn accounts were compromised back in 2012. This has revealed that people choose bad passwords and don't…

The Problem with Using Google Analytics

Cyber Security

The Problem with Using Google Analytics to Measure Marketing Effectiveness

If your website is not transactional, then the conversion and goals data in Analytics and Adwords can't really be trusted…


Cyber Security

FindTime from Microsoft Makes Organising Meetings Easy

Productivity is key to your success. Organising meetings shouldn't be more difficult and time consuming than the meetings themselves! Microsoft…


Cyber Security

Do you Know Your Life Hourly?

Preview chapter from our ebook - the habits of business leaders. Do you know your life hourly? How much is…


Cyber Security

The Business Efficiency Challenge [INFOGRAPHIC]

What are the biggest time wasters and drags on productivity in your business? This infographic looks at some common efficiency…

zoopla property

Cyber Security

Business Implications for Property Companies as Zoopla Acquires Property Software Holdings

Property Software Holdings bought by Zoopla in deal that will have massive business implications for Estate Agents and Property Management…


Cyber Security

Implement the Power of Zero for Productivity

Inputs & distractions are productivity sappers. Reduce distractions for greater productivity. Use these tips to eliminate unnecessary inputs and get…


Cyber Security

Google Analytics is Lying to You About Your Website’s Performance

Know what the problems with Google Analytics are and why it's a mistake to rely on their data? Why bounce…


Cyber Security

38 Hacks for Productive Working

Quickly skim this list post for 38 actionable techniques to improve your general working productivity, including email, task list and…

marketing automation

Cyber Security

Automate these 5 Digital Marketing Time Drainers to Save Time

Certain marketing tasks are necessary but repetitive, time intensive and less than interesting. Here's 5 ways you can save time…



7 Attributes of Great Leaders

multi tasking


The Myth of Multi-Tasking

paradox of choice

IT Blog Archive

The Link between Choice, Freedom and To-Do Lists

netstar tick list

IT Blog Archive

Tick the Right Boxes, Not All of the Boxes

productivity planner blog featured


Here’s What Happened when I Used Productivity Planner for a Week

disaster plan

IT Blog Archive

How Being Proactive Prevents Emergencies

What do lottery and email have in common?

IT Blog Archive

What do Emails and the Lottery have in Common?

Email Procrastination

IT Blog Archive

Are Emails the Source of Your Procrastination?

5 Tips to Help you Focus on the important tasks

IT Blog Archive

5 Tips to Help You Focus on the Important Tasks

day in life engineer

Netstar Community

A day in the life of a Service Desk Engineer: Kieran

Netstar 2016 Security

Cyber Security

IT Security in 2016 – Is Your Business Secured?

Wasted time due to poor technology


7.5 Million Working Days Wasted per WEEK due to Poor Technology

Happy Christmas from Netstar

IT Blog Archive

Merry Christmas from Netstar!

Inbound Methodology fuel growth


Fuel Growth with Inbound Marketing

efficiency challenge blog


Business Efficiency Infographic

netstar retains iso 27001


Netstar Re-Awarded ISO 27001 Certification

el capitan outlook

IT Best Practices

Don’t Upgrade to El Capitan if you use Outlook on your Mac!

business investment growth


Investing in Technology Pays Productivity and Efficiency Dividends

crowded train platform


Can you avoid the tube strike with remote working?

two factor authentication

Cyber Security

European Banking Authority requires Two Factor Authentication for payments from August 2015

windows server 2003

Cyber Security

The End of Windows Server 2003 is an Opportunity for Your Business to Grow!

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