What are the business benefits of moving to Office 365 and Windows Server 2012?

Increased productivity

Office 365 enables seamless communication and collaboration between employees, translating into improved productivity for businesses. For example Lync, which comes as part of the Business Premium package, allows you to cut down on emails by instant messaging your contacts. You can also use it for free conference calls, and you can even present using it by sharing your screen – allowing for enhanced collaboration. Yammer gives your business a separate place for other discussion which is non-urgent to further prevent email build-up.

SharePoint, also included, allows for enhanced collaboration between employees, as you can create ‘sites’ and choose which documents are available for viewing or editing, and to whom. It even allows multiple users to edit documents together, at the same time.

Outlook will probably be involved in some way in almost everything you do in your business. With Office 365 you can have it on all of your devices and you can also sign in online via your web browser. Everything stays in sync no matter how you access it, including your emails, tasks, contacts, calendar etc. This enables you to be more productive when you’re not at your usual PC in the office. You haven’t got to waste time looking up contact details for people, looking in written notes for diary appointments, or emailing your business contacts from a different account.

Reduced Risk

One of the benefits of switching to Office 365, is that your email and file servers can be completely external. This means that if disaster struck your business, your emails and files would be unaffected. All of your staff would be able to work remotely and still have full access to their documents, emails, tasks, calendars and contacts. They would also be able to continue using all of their Office applications, as you can install these on multiple devices or use the online versions. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote are all available on Smart Phones and Tablets as part of the Business Premium plan – so you can continue working after you leave home or the office.

Watch the video below to see how Windows Server 2012 and Office 365 helped to reduce risk and enhance productivity for VIVOBAREFOOT:

Always Available

Everything in Office 365 is available regardless of where you are, or whether you’re using your usual desktop, a laptop, tablet or phone. All you need is an internet connection in order to access your emails, communicate in real time with your business contacts, access, edit and share documents, and stay up to date and in touch with your colleagues via Yammer.

You’ll never run out of space either, as Office 365 Business Premium plans include unlimited storage space. This keeps your PC’s internal hard drive free, extending your PC’s life and improving its performance – further enhancing productivity.

Cost Savings

On top of all of these productivity and convenience benefits, Office 365 is very likely to work out cheaper for your organisation!

Office 365 Business Premium costs just £7.80 per user per month. This works out at £93.60 per user for one year’s subscription vs. £389.99 for Microsoft Office Professional 2013.

What’s the difference?

If you were to purchase Office Professional 2013 licenses for your organisation, you would need to pay somewhere around £390 per user – but you would own the software for life.

If you purchase subscriptions to Office 365 Business Premium, you would pay around a quarter of the cost, but you would pay it every year that you want to continue using the software. If new versions come out, you automatically get access to the latest version at no extra cost. Considering that most Office Products last three years before a new one is released – it would work out cheaper for you to subscribe to Office 365 Business Premium vs. purchasing the software outright, and then also upgrading to the newest version when it comes out.