Advanced Malware Protection with OpenDNS

Due to the development of new and emerging malware threats, standard anti-virus software and firewalls are no longer sufficient protection for your network.

Why do I need this?

We recommend all of our clients to now have advanced malware protection in addition to their existing security hardware and software as standard.

Antivirus and Firewalls are no longer enough to protect your network against more sophisticated attacks such as ransomware, e.g. CryptoLocker.

How does it work?

All internet traffic is routed through a security platform called Open DNS, which adds an additional layer of security to block these threats before they even reach your network.

This works by scanning existing internet traffic and identifying trends in emerging Malware (of which there are some 10,000 new threats per day) and updates itself in real time.

In addition…

OpenDNS can give you access to live information on your employees’ internet usage.

You also have the ability to view reports and restrict access, down to an individual user basis – thus increasing productivity and reducing risk.