With the increasing use of tablets and cloud based enterprises, it can be difficult to know which apps are right for your business. Our London based IT support team have put together a handy guide to make sure you’re using the right tools.

Best Business Apps for Mobile Devices

These days mobile phones are specially designed to help people work away from the office, whether it be on the train or in the garden. Those who are often in and out of meetings can try the Meeting Mapper a handy tool for iPads. Perfect for staying organised and ensuring all your meetings are a success, the application can track the role of every participant involved in the meeting, making it easy to schedule actions. Your sales team may also wish to use Meeting Mapper Fierce, ideal for helping you close new deals.

Another handy tool for sales reps is EchoSign. Specially designed for iOS users, the Adobe program allows you to send, sign and manage documents on the go ensuring contracts get signed as quickly as possible.

Those wanting to work away from the office can try WorkShare. USB sticks can often be impractical as they take up time and are easy to lose. This app synchronises files between your PC and mobile device and ensures colleagues are always on top of their work. Workshare is particularly useful for companies which have BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies in place.

If you’ve received large amounts of business cards from a conference or expedition you recently went to, you may wish to try CardMunch. Although not an essential tool, the unique card reader will turn business cards into address contacts in your phone or tablet.

Social media apps like LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter are great for constantly promoting your business and increasing brand awareness whenever an idea pops into your head. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular and with the QR Reader app you can easily view and create your own ubiquitous code.

Best Business Apps for a Cloud Based Enterprise

As technology evolves, so does the way we work and more and more companies are seeing the benefits of the cloud. Below we’ve listed a number of apps supporting the cloud based enterprise.

Boomerang for Gmail:  Suitable for Firefox and Chrome, this cloud plug-in allows you to schedule when emails are sent. Ensure clients and colleagues receive emails at the right time and follow up sales leads when it best suits you.

Cloud On: Access your cloud storage and all Microsoft Office programs from a mobile device.

Gantter: Many businesses find online project management an incredibly efficient way of working and this tool is great for interface scheduling.

OfficeTime: Time is more precious than ever these days. With this particular productivity app you can record billable hours as you work and generate invoices easily and accurately.

These are just some of the apps available. Every company is different and to really get a good idea of what your business needs, get in touch with our experienced London IT support team today.