How To Recover Deleted Items in Outlook

April 17th, 2019 - Category - IT Best Practices

Outlook 2016

Accidentally deleted something from your Outlook mailbox Deleted Items Folder and you wish there was a way you could get it back? Well there is, and it’s surprisingly simple. Let us show you how…

  1. Go to Deleted Items and check if your file is there.
  2. recover deleted items Outlook

2. If your item has been deleted from Deleted Items, then go to the Folder tab located at the top of your Outlook mailbox.

recover deleted items Outlook

3. Find the Recover Deleted Items option (Located underneath the Clean Up Folder and Empty Folder options).
recover deleted items Outlook

4. Ensure the option Restore Selected Items is selected.
recover deleted items Outlook

5. Highlight the emails you want to recover and press OK.
recover deleted items Outlook
6. This will then place all your recovered items back into the Deleted Items folder where you will be able to retrieve them.

Your items can be recovered for up to 14 days after they been deleted from the Deleted Items Folder.


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