Whether you currently have an IT support partner, and want to assess their level of service, or are looking to outsource part or all of the function, read on to find out how a truly reliable IT support partner can help your business. The right partner should be protecting you from system vulnerabilities, helping your business be more efficient, saving you time and money, and providing a high quality of service and consultancy.


Your reliable IT partner will ensure that your systems and networks are as secure as possible. It is up to them to make sure that you are protected against threats such as ransomware and Wi-Fi-risks. They can do this through the use of encrypted firewalls, device upgrades and patching, Two-Factor Authentication, and security training for staff.

Business efficiency

How often do you sit down to do an important piece of work and an IT problem causes unwelcome down time? When you’re working to tight deadlines, which most of us are these days, it is less than ideal to lose any time on your computer. Whether it is to do with connectivity to Wi-Fi, or file access on your system, these recurring problems should be addressed in the right way to help increase efficiency for your business. Here are a few things to consider when assessing your IT support partner:

  • Rapid response times. Let’s face it, getting a fast response is probably your number one concern when it comes to choosing an IT provider. Checking maximum response times in your service level agreement is key here, as you know what to expect and can refer back to it if you feel something is taking too long to resolve, or you didn’t get a fast-enough response initially.
  • Keeping a record. You support partner should be properly documenting their service to you, so that if a problem needs to be escalated information is not lost and you do not waste time explaining it to a new person. It also means the record can be used to develop recommendations to avoid having to prevent recurring problems.
  • Reduced pressure. Outsourcing can help reduce pressure on your internal IT staff, and support you completely if you don’t have the capacity to handle IT in-house. The right advice can also lead to reduced pressure on your internal infrastructure. Cloud systems can enable organisations to be more efficient. However, there are important security concerns to assess, which your support partner should be able to help you with.

Saving you money & reducing time-losses

By having the right support team in place, you can ensure that you do not lose time due to technology. The maximum amount of time it should ever take an IT support company to respond to a ticket which has been raised is 4 hours. The fastest organisations are able to respond to tickets within 10 minutes for serious issues, such as if a server is down. Rapid response times from your IT support partner will save your business time and ensure that issues are resolved quickly. This will have a positive impact in every area of your business, leading to improved productivity for your team and less frustration when it comes to dealing with IT problems.

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Quality of service and consultancy

The right IT support provider will not only deliver reactive support, but they will also consult with you on projects; proactively providing solutions or alternatives that you wouldn’t have been able to identify in house.  Consultancy can help you use your budgets effectively, spending in the right areas, and lowering it in others. The right project support will also help save you time implementing new systems, as the process will be monitored from start to finish ensuring efficiency.

Partners who operate to a high standard, will not only leave you feeling satisfied that you are getting good quality advice and support, but they will also help you improve the quality of your infrastructure/systems. At Netstar we advise our clients on replacing outdated equipment and systems, facilitating the process, making it easier to keep your systems up to date. This means that you are never hindered by bad technology. In fact having high quality systems in place will help increase business efficiency.