You may be at the mercy of the London transport system every morning in order to get to work, but your productivity needn’t be reduced to zero due to unforeseen travel complications. What if you needed to get everything done before you went away on holiday, or needed to work hard on a project to meet a looming deadline? Trains breaking down shouldn’t affect your ability to be productive!

If your business supports remote working, there’s no need to worry when London’s transport links fail. You can go home and work as normal, or if you have a laptop or other connected device with you, you could even work remotely from the train platform (above ground of course!), or go and find a coffee shop with free wi-fi. Even if that fails, you could use your smartphone’s personal hotspot to get online.

How’s that for a much less stressful start to the day? In the future you’ll be happy instead of pulling your hair out when the central line has failed again, or the overhead lines are down at New Southgate!

Added benefits of Remote Working

If your business does not yet support remote working, what are you waiting for? Your employees will thank you for it as it gives them greater flexibility and a better work-life balance:

  • Doctors’ appointments in the middle of the day and other personal commitments don’t mean having to use a day of annual leave.
  • Working late to catch up, prepare for a big presentation or get ahead on a project no longer means being tied to their office desks.
  • Unwanted interruptions and distractions can be hard to avoid in some offices, especially if you’re at capacity and there is nowhere else to go. With remote working, another option exists.
  • Remote working can be full time for some employees if it works for your business. This places less strain on the office environment, reduces travel costs for employees, and prevents location being a barrier to hiring the best person for the job.