In this video we will be showing you how you can restore a shared file on a server from previous versions of that file. This is particularly handy if you have accidentally modified or deleted a file on a server.

If you are unable to, or do not want to, watch the video above, please refer to the written instructions below.

Written instructions: Restore from Previous Versions

To start the restoration, navigate to the destination where the file was saved and right click on an empty space and select properties.

Select the “previous versions” tab – which will show you a list of the previous versions of the folder. Select the version you wish, and click on open. This will now show you the files that were in this folder for the given date.

Right click the file you wish to restore, and select “copy”.

Now go back and open up the current location, or a different location that you wish the file to be saved to. Right click an empty space, and select “paste”.

Your document has now been restored from a previous version.