Review your business continuity plans and avoid navigating the Olympic hurdles

July 25th, 2012 - Category - Backup & Disaster Recovery

A YouGov survey recently reported that whilst almost half small-to-medium sized businesses expect disruption during the Olympic Games, only 21 per cent have business continuity plans in place. Having continuity plans is good business practice – just think how your business may be impacted if a large number of your employees aren’t able to work or in the event of a disaster.

There are a number of services we can put in place to help your business stay up and running. We can implement remote working across your business so your employees are able to work as if they are in the office, with access to their emails and files from anywhere where they have a computer and access to the internet – such as their home. You should also consider whether you have adequate backup and disaster recovery systems; with our Backup and Disaster Recovery service, we can restore your systems in just two hours in the event of a disaster.
Speak to us today to ensure your business stays fully operational throughout the Olympics, contact your Account Manager on 02036 574 489.

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