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  • The New Norm: Cloud, Mobility & BYOD
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Last month we were pleased to announce our partnership with Duo Security to deliver a service that will significantly improve our customer’s security without impacting user productivity.

Duo is headquartered in Michigan with three other offices in the US in addition to a London-based operation serving the EMEA region. Following significant growth last year, Duo now has over 700 employees and boasts in excess of 12,000 customers including Netflix, Kayak, The Cabinet Office and Wigan Council. As one of Duo’s strategic partners in the UK we’re looking forward to working with them to offer and support a best-in-class security solution for our customers.

The New Norm: Cloud, Mobility & BYOD

As an IT support organization, Netstar is focussed on accelerating the growth of our clients’ business and helping them to increase efficiency and productivity. The increasing prevalence of cloud technologies accessed from multiple devices has revolutionised the way we work, but it has also introduced a new set of security challenges that are shared by organisations globally and must be contended with in order to remain secure.

To elaborate on those challenges; firstly and perhaps most importantly, remote access to applications for an increasingly mobile and remote workforce is convenient for users, but it’s equally convenient for online criminals that target user passwords to gain access to a company’s data. Secondly, the use of personal devices allows users to work from anywhere at anytime in order to be as productive as possible, but hackers also target known vulnerabilities in out of date and insecure devices as another means to gain access to enterprise data.

These challenges to security are involved in 84% and 75% of breaches respectively; Duo enables users to overcome them with an easy to deploy and use solution that focuses on securing user and device access to applications and data.

Zero-Trust. Complete Confidence.

From a user perspective and to mitigate the risk of breaches occurring from stolen passwords, Duo allows us to verify a user’s identity with two-factor authentication, using the Duo mobile app.


Duo app security

Concerning devices and to prevent hackers from exploiting the poor security health of a user’s device in order to gain access, for any apps protected by Two-Factor Authentication Duo can audit the devices that are accessing them to build a complete catalogue of all devices, regardless of whether they are managed or personal. With that data, policies can be implemented to manage access to applications based on device security levels.

To find out more about how Duo Security products could help increase your organisation’s security please contact us by filling out our short contact form, or call us on 02036 574 489.