Invest in the latest tech and work smarter to claw back hundreds of wasted hours per year

Do you ever glance at the clock and wonder how the day has gotten away from you? Constantly find yourself wishing there were more hours in the day? Your staff do too.

Imagine how much more you and your employees would get done with an extra hour per day.

Virgin Media Business have found that a fifth of the UK’s growing companies believe they could save a ‘Golden Hour‘ every day if they only had better tech.

These findings indicate that there is a gap between the best technology available on the market, and the technology being used by the majority of UK SMEs – thus preventing them from reaching their business goals.

When you remember that 1 hour a day equates to three days a month, and 32 days per year – imagine how much more revenue your business would generate if an extra month of work could be squeezed into the year.

How do you claw back this lost time?

Businesses can increase revenue by improving employee efficiency, staff morale and motivation levels, and ensuring proper time and task management. Moreover, investing in the best technology can have a direct impact on businesses, and the productivity benefits can translate into additional revenue and growth.

Do you:

  • Wait 10 minutes for your computer to boot up every morning?
  • Have to re-do old work when your computer crashes?
  • Sit around doing nothing when the server or internet ‘goes down’?
  • Have no way to work remotely when you’re out of the office?

If so, then this guide will show you how making some quick changes to time and task management, as well as investing in modern technology can lead to dramatic productivity improvements.

The guide explores 3 distinct areas and makes simple suggestions which you can implement TODAY to claw back this wasted time, thus maximising your productivity and driving additional revenue and growth.

• Harness your staff’s potential …and your own!
• Invest in technology to drive business growth
• Time & Task Management