We keep hearing that cloud computing is the future of IT. But how does it work? And how can it save money for your business? The Netstar team explore these questions.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the use of a shared, online space to access software and store data. ‘The cloud’ simply refers to this ‘space’ on the internet. Business owners can subscribe to a provider, and their staff can then login to access business software and apps. No servers or storage are needed by the business as this is all managed within ‘the cloud’.

How Can it Save Your Business Money?

Cutting Costs

Anyone setting up a small business knows how expensive it is, but start-ups can save a fortune through cloud computing by dodging the costs of expensive new hardware and software. Instead, businesses pay a monthly subscription fee to their Cloud Computing provider, lowering spending and increasing initial profit due to the speed and ease of access. And it’s not just startups who can benefit. With cloud computing you won’t have to worry about updating your hardware and software every few years – that will all be taken care of by your provider as part of your normal subscription fee.


All businesses struggle to anticipate demand. When purchasing IT resources, do you act conservatively, buying the minimum you think you can get away with, or be ambitious and spend a small fortune to ensure you don’t lag behind? Either way, it’s a risk. You could end up unable to meet demand, or else watching loads of expensive equipment sitting around gathering dust. Cloud computing lets you pay only for what you actually need, and you can quickly increase capacity without shelling out for new equipment. This easy scalability is also an advantage for existing companies with varying seasonal demand. They can increase capacity at peak times then reduce costs in slower periods.


Cloud computing allows you to connect with employees and clients anywhere in the world for easy communication and data-sharing. The mantra ‘time = money’ is a well known one, but for good reason – the quicker you exchange information and ideas, the faster you can move forward and the greater your productivity will be. By enabling more effective remote collaboration through access to all software and data from anywhere in the world, cloud computing can reduce the need for face-to-face meetings, saving you money on travel expenses, and makes it much easier to outsource jobs so you don’t need to bring in new equipment and staff. By allowing people to work from remote locations such as their home, you can cut overheads and drive down costs.


We all know what a negative impact IT problems can have on a business. From viruses and software faults to more serious issues like data loss or total network failure, unreliable IT resources cost you time and money. With cloud computing, your IT resources are remotely managed by experts; you’ll see far fewer problems and much less costly downtime. Any good cloud computing provider will also have multiple backups in place, protecting you from the dreaded threat of critical data loss.

Cloud computing grows more popular every day, so contact Netstar IT Support today to see what packages we offer.