IT Support to help you reduce overheads and maximise donations

As a non profit organisation, exceptional value and maximum up-time are of the utmost importance.

You cannot accept anything less than the best results and service for your money, and downtime must be avoided at all costs in order to protect crucial revenue. In addition to this, you need an IT support partner who will be able to advise you on the best IT Solutions to provide cost savings for your organisation.

Netstar provide value for non profit organisations and charities by:

  • Providing technology consulting and budget planning, so that advice is always on hand, and future IT costs are always clear.
  • Providing proactive maintenance and monitoring at all times, in order to find and fix IT faults before they cause a problem and result in downtime.
  • Using our expertise in order to recommend and implement IT Solutions that save money in the long run.



Teenage Cancer Trust benefit from virtualisation and disaster recovery solutions

Globally recognised charity Teenage Cancer Trust selected Netstar in March 2012 as a supplier of a back up and disaster recovery solution.

In order to seize opportunities, operate in a professional manner, and ensure their online presence and donation portal is always available; Teenage Cancer Trust require fast, secure and reliable IT systems.

Netstar also:

  • Carry out automatic data backups every hour – allowing Teenage Cancer Trust’s entire IT infrastructure to be up and running in under 4 hours, after a disaster.
  • Migrated Teenage Cancer Trust to a Virtualised server environment, to allow faster and more efficient use of IT resources, as well as enhancing remote network access for their staff.
  • Virtualisation replaced 16 existing machines with 3 virtualised servers, reducing energy consumption and cooling requirements. This has led to lower running and maintenance costs.
  • 24×7 Proactive and Reactive IT Support – ensuring Teenage Cancer Trust can always operate at full efficiency.

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Certified quality and data protection assuranceISO27001 Certification

ISO 27001 accredited companies have passed independent audits to ensure that there are processes in place to ensure the protection of sensitive data. This means you can be sure that yours and your clients’ sensitive data is in safe hands and will not be compromised.

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 accredited companies have passed similar audits to ensure that the quality of products and services are upheld by strict processes.

Netstar are ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, ensuring our clients always receive the best possible service, and all data is kept secure.

How cloud computing can reduce costs for charities

Cloud computing can reduce costs for non-profit organisations and charities, as it eliminates the need for expensive equipment to be purchased, which will need to be periodically replaced and maintained.

With cloud computing, you do not have your own IT infrastructure in house. All of your files and programs will run from the data centre, rather than being held on in-house machines. You connect to the data centre via an internet connection, and access everything remotely.

Instead of shelling out large amounts of capital up front on servers and software, you can instead pay a more manageable monthly fee to rent data centre infrastructure and software licenses. Your reduced overheads will also help to lower energy costs with less machines and cooling equipment needed.

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