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In an increasingly digital age, marketing, PR, and design companies are becoming ever more reliant on their IT systems.

In marketing and design agencies, productivity is key to driving increased revenue. You have demanding clients to satisfy, and therefore your IT systems must be reliable, powerful, and available at all times – in the office, at home, or when you are out and about.

We have found that marketing, PR and design companies look for the following in an IT support partner:

  • Proven track record of meeting the needs of companies in the same industry.
  • Ability to support industry specific software such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks, Bridge, Dreamweaver etc.
  • Expert knowledge and experience of implementing and supporting Apple solutions.
  • Knowledge of industry requirements – e.g. Design software is memory intensive and requires powerful IT systems.
  • Ability to install and support powerful solutions that your business can rely on, making these remotely accessible and cloud-based if desired.
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IT support that is tailored to your specific applications

As a company operating in this competitive industry, how much extra reassurance would it give you to know that your IT Support partner is an expert with your industry specific software and applications?

It is likely that you regularly use programs such as Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Fireworks, Bridge, Dreamweaver and more. Our engineers are fully trained and have detailed knowledge of these applications. We also know how memory intensive these kind of applications can be, so our hardware recommendations will always take your software requirements into account.

We are also experts in implementing and supporting a completely cloud-based infrastructure – so if you want to run on Google Apps, or Office 365, we have the expertise to support this.

Predominantly Mac based organisation?

Apple Consultants Network LogoNo problem – we’re a member of the Apple Consultant’s Network, specialising in providing and supporting Apple solutions, and our engineers are Apple certified technicians.

You’ll receive the same expert IT support regardless of whether you use PCs, Macs, tablets, iPads, or a mixture of all the above. Many IT companies have a gap in their skills when it comes to Apple products – but we make sure we cover all the bases and regularly send our engineers on training courses!

Netstar IT Support enhances productivity for St Brides

St BridesSt Brides Media and Finance enlisted Netstar to provide them with a fully cloud based platform from which to run their investor and public relations company. Since completion of the migration to Netstar’s datacentre, St Brides have experienced:

  • Dramatic increase in staff productivity.
  • Significantly reduced risk thanks to Netstar’s backup and disaster recovery solution – ensuring all client data is securely backed up.
  • Always available data and applications – enabling 24 hour working, vital as St Brides’ staff operate across multiple time zones. All applications and data available remotely so productivity does not stop.

“Thanks to Netstar we are experiencing all the benefits of a cloud infrastructure and have seen a dramatic improvement in staff productivity and customer satisfaction.”
Hugo De Salis, CEO, St. Brides Media & Finance.

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