Choosing the right software can often be crucial to enabling efficient processes and can save you not only money, but a lot of headaches along the way.

How choosing the right software can help your business.

You might not know what is on the market in terms of software and how switching could impact your business, but it is worth considering your options and getting your IT support partner to do a software audit for you if you’re thinking about changing.

It is important when choosing new software to get the right advice as this can save you a lot of time and headaches down the line. It could also save you money and increase your productivity.

How the right software can positively impact your business:

  • Time/speed – streamlining your processes will not only improve your productivity, making your business more efficient, but it can also help increase staff satisfaction.
  • Productivity – improving business efficiency affects your bottom line. Having the right tool in place is key, as it can have significant financial benefits and provide insights into how functions can be optimized.
  • Technological impact – enabling new capabilities, allows you to focus on other areas, or do things with your systems you wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. You are better able to monitor key metrics allowing you to analyse the overall health of your business. For example, having the right HR system in place can significantly speed up your onboarding process, and allow you to effectively monitor employee sick days, leave and absences.

What we did for one of our clients…

The client is a London based company, with 40 users. In addition to their London headquarters they also have several European satellite offices.

Netstar provides them with IT support whilst also working with them on several projects to help improve their IT efficiency. One such project was to assist them in selecting new HR software. They were considering investing in an in-house system, and asked Netstar for advice. Netstar carried out a software discovery audit, and after assessing their business needs recommended a cloud based HR software solution. This is provided on a monthly plan from £1 per user per month.

For the client, this represented a saving of £240,000 over 3 years, based on what they would have spent implementing their own HR system. As the solution is cloud based, it also means reduced pressure on their infrastructure.

“Great service even providing assistance on things I didn’t know I needed!”


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