Keegan Lennon, Service Desk Engineer at Netstar, gives us an insight into his role and how life has changed since lockdown.

Keegan headshot

What is your role at Netstar?

I’m a Service Desk Engineer which means that I’m responsible for responding to client issues and queries upon request.

Specifically, I help to facilitate technological and IT changes for our clients. This includes managing tasks such as system changes, adding new users, firewall changes and implementing new rules onto existing policies.

I’m also part of the Mac support team and often responsible for solving issues regarding Apple products.

When did you join Netstar and how did you get into your current role?

I joined Netstar last March having recently moved back to the UK. I had worked in IT before and was looking for a similar role in a company where I could grow and develop my skills.

Funnily enough, my interview process with Netstar was quite unconventional. I had my first interview on Friday morning, and was called straightaway to be invited back for a second interview the same day! I ended up popping home for lunch before going back to Netstar that afternoon for a successful second interview. I started with the team the following Monday morning, and I’m still here today, so I guess it was the perfect fit!

What skills do you need to be effective in your role?

The ability to research and interpret information is a stand-out one for me. My role involves a lot of problem-solving, so the ability to pick out relevant and important information is key.

Of course, it’s also essential to have a strong understanding of computers and networking, as well as up-to-date knowledge of the tech world. But I think another important factor is having good interpersonal skills. A lot of my day is spent talking to people; good communication and customer service skills are vital for that. It allows me to easily build a rapport with clients and extract important information from them in order to solve their queries.

How does what you do benefit Netstar’s clients?

Generally, my role helps clients to make the necessary changes to facilitate growth and ensure that they succeed through technology.

On a personal level, I would say that I benefit people by making sure that I follow things through to completion (which is actually one of Netstar’s key values). When people come to me with a query, I need to make sure that I not only solve that query as quickly as possible, but that I’m thorough in my approach. Longevity is always front-of-mind for me, I don’t want people to have problems with technology down the line, so I think being thorough is extremely important.

What is your favourite thing about working for Netstar?

Definitely the company culture, the people at Netstar are amazing. Everyone is always so helpful and friendly and there’s a real sense of collaboration and teamwork. Even though we’re all working remotely at the moment, we have a company-wide ‘daily huddle’ video call each morning, which helps us to communicate and stay connected.

How has life changed since lockdown?

In terms of my job, not a lot has changed. My role involves helping clients remotely anyway and with the right IT set-up, I’m able to do that in exactly the same way that I was before, just now I’m at home and not in the office.

And personally, lockdown has, ironically, made me go out more often! I now make sure to go on a walk every day and have really learnt to appreciate the outdoors (whereas before I was relatively stationary other than my commute to work).

What’s your favourite thing about working from home?

I think it’s important to look at the silver linings of remote working at the moment, and there are a few things that I’ve particularly enjoyed about working from home. The lack of commute is an obvious bonus and, as I mentioned before, I’m enjoying replacing that time with walking.

But my stand-out favourite thing has to be the home luxuries that just aren’t available in the office. For example, I’ve been eating warm homemade meals for lunch every day which has been a real highlight. I also decided to have a bubble bath during my lunch break the other day – which I definitely wouldn’t be allowed to do back in the office!

Are there any methods that you’ve found particularly useful for staying productive and maintaining work-life balance when working remotely?

I think the main thing I’ve realised is how important it is to stay active. I would urge everyone to use their daily commute time to exercise in one way or another.

I also think that a regular sleep schedule and healthy balanced diet are key. There’s no excuse not to eat healthily anymore as there’s so much extra time to experiment with new foods and recipes.

Lastly, it’s definitely important to switch off after a day of work. It’s fine to work an extra hour here or there, but when you have finished work make sure that you finish for good and take your mind off the working day.

The Netstar team actually attended a webinar a few weeks ago about positive wellbeing when remote working, which I found really useful for this (find out more here).

Lastly, and importantly, what’s your go-to quarantine snack?

Definitely Maggi Instant Noodles in chicken flavour, if you haven’t tried them then you need to! Although I’m not sure if they count as a snack, so if not, I’d go with a classic tube of Pringles.