London, August 2020 – Netstar are delighted to announce that they have been selected as finalists for the Services Company of the Year award 2020.

Services Company of the Year Award Netstar

The UK IT Industry Awards celebrate excellence within the technological sector, recognising those who are helping to shape the future of IT, technology and the digital space. The awards recognise how important IT is to businesses and individuals globally, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, whereby technology has been a critical factor in maintaining the functionality of businesses, individuals and national infrastructure.

The Services Company of the Year award identifies organisations who have demonstrated excellence in supplying IT services to clients that deliver genuine value and facilitate significant business success for them. Finalists must be able to prove high levels of customer satisfaction and identify specific ways that their clients have benefited from their services over the last 12 months. To find out more about the specific ways that Netstar have benefited their clients, click here.

To achieve their position as finalists, Netstar were required to complete a written application that outlines their delivery of IT excellence and customer satisfaction over the last 12 months. The entries were then judged against specific criteria:

  • Professionalism – meeting and exceeding objectives and providing quality customer service through organisational values and processes
  • Excellence – exceeding the expectations of clients and customers
  • Innovation – enhancing business practices by using innovative approaches and technology
  • Measurable success – specific evidence that demonstrates the performance of the business and its ability to achieve objectives and successfully deliver IT excellence

Netstar were able to prove their success across all four of these criteria, therefore achieving their position as Services Company of the Year finalists.

About Netstar

Netstar is an IT Support company based in Central London. Providing fully managed IT Support and Technology Consulting services. Founded in 2002 the company has grown significantly, now supporting over 150 clients based in London and the South East. Netstar’s core mission is Helping People Succeed Through Technology.


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