Our 24/7 IT support service includes:

  • Account Management you can count on – Your Account Manager will always be available when you need them. And what’s more, they aren’t just anyone. They are one of our two Directors, so you know they’ll treat you with the importance you deserve.
  • 24/7 IT Support, 365 days of the year – Our expert engineers are on hand all day, all night and even during bank holidays, so you know we’ll always be on hand to provide you with the IT support you need, when you need it.
  • We monitor your systems to keep them up to date – It’s not just about fixing things should they go wrong, but also about keeping them up to date and working in the first place. We’re always monitoring and maintaining your systems to ensure they are performing well.
  • IT support aligned to your strategy – To us IT is about more than your systems; it’s also about your business plans and strategy. We work closely with you at all times to ensure your IT is aligned to your overall business direction.
  • You’ll always deal with real people, based in the UK – We don’t use automated telephone services and our team aren’t based outside of the UK. If you call us, we promise you’ll reach one of our expert, friendly, UK engineers.
  • Over the phone, through email or onsite; it’s all included – Whatever your issue, we’ll deal with it. And if it can’t be dealt with remotely, we’ll send one of our experts down to your office at no extra cost.
  • Some of the fastest response times in the industry – We know a quick response to requests is important to our customers. So we pride ourselves on having very high standards reflected in our Service Level Agreements.

The Planning Shop International benefit from 24×7 IT support

As well as reaping the benefits of a secure backup and disaster recovery solution, and server virtualisation, The Planning Shop International also regularly benefit from Netstar’s rapid response 24×7 IT Support.

  • Round the clock proactive maintenance of their IT Systems to keep problems to a minimum and ensure maximum uptime and productivity.
  • Regular IT strategy reviews, technology consulting and budget planning.
  • Rapid response and fast fix-times when an IT incident arises.

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“Netstar truly add value by meeting with us regularly to strategically plan and review our 3 year IT strategy.”

Ginny Wolstencroft, Chief Operations Officer, TPSI.

IT support

How our 24/7 IT support service works

We have strict, ISO 9001 accredited processes in place to ensure we provide you with the highest possible IT support at all times. With us you can log any IT requests or issues over the phone, by email or using our secure online portal, which you can also use to track your requests as they are dealt with by our experts.

Initially your ticket will be logged by the team or if it’s something really simple we will deal with is straight away. It will then be allocated to an engineer with the required skills and expertise to resolve it.

IT consultant Netstar IT Support London

Our incident, change and request and network operations engineers are dedicated to your cause

Our engineers fall into three teams, Incident, Change and Request and the Networks Operation Centre. This separates out our proactive support from reactive, ensuring we dedicate time to proactively monitoring and updating the specification of all your software and systems – ultimately meaning that IT issues are kept to a minimum. And if they do occur, our Incident team are dedicated to work on the issue.

The speed of response depends on the severity of the issue or request and the number of people in your team affected. But ultimately we treat your business as we believe you would or as we treat our own. If an issue is severe, we don’t hang about, our response is immediate. If it’s just a change or request, well we are still pretty quick, and will start working on it within four hours. If it’s something that is stopping you from working, we’ll be fixing it for you within 10 minutes.

For more information on our 24/7 IT support service, or to receive a quote, get in touch with us today.