Netstar’s managed antivirus service

Computer viruses and other forms of malware are continuously evolving and becoming more sophisticated, meaning they could be penetrating your devices without you knowing. Standard antivirus software is not enough to combat this increasing threat. For optimal protection against viruses, you need a fully managed, business class antivirus solution.

Our managed antivirus software has a world-class detection rate. It will proactively scan your devices, identifying and quarantining viruses quickly and reliably. Without effective antivirus software in place, viruses can easily infiltrate your devices and steal data such as your credit card numbers, bank account details or login credentials. Which is why fully managed antivirus software is vital for the success of your business.

The benefits:

  • Will catch 99.9% of all viruses
  • Extremely lightweight so won’t slow down your devices or impact your business systems and applications
  • Fully managed by us meaning you can work as normal as we deal with any potential threats in the background
  • By using our managed antivirus service you can be sure your data, devices, and network are secure

MML Capital Partners

“Netstar have implemented technology improvements for us, which have had a positive impact on data security and business continuity.”

Alison Jackson, Office Manager, MML Capital Partners (Covent Garden, London)

Pacific Investments

“We have been very impressed by the professionalism of Netstar, their dedication to IT Security and the proactive service they provide.”

Sir John Beckwith CBE, Chairman, Pacific Investments (Chelsea, London)


“Netstar has reduced our annual IT spend by almost 50% and have restored our faith in outsourced IT support.”

Aonghus Curtin, Director, Curtin&Co (Mayfair, London)

The current threat landscape

The rise in remote working has seen a significant increase in the frequency and sophistication of cyber-attacks. Cyber criminals are exploiting people who are worried, vulnerable, and lacking an appropriate security setup to facilitate secure remote working.

Here are just some examples of recent cyber-attacks and how they could impact your business:

  • Clop ransomware – This is aimed at Windows users and is part of the well-known CryptoMix family of ransomware. It works by disabling Windows applications, including disabling antivirus software, leaving you unprotected and vulnerable to attack. Attackers will then demand you pay a ransom for them to reverse the damage they’ve done to your security. Significantly, Clop ransomware can target entire networks, not jut individual devices.
  • GameOver ZeuS – Also known as GOZeus and P2PZeus, this virus will disguise malware as something legitimate when it then uses to gain access to personal and financial information. It’s estimated that GameOver ZeuS has already been responsible for over $100 million worth of theft.

Netstar’s managed antivirus service will ensure you’re protected against threats like Clop ransomware and GameOver ZeuS. For information on more ways we can help secure your business from increasing risks, click here.

Ensure you have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place

Due to the constantly evolving nature of cyber threats, anti-virus software can never guarantee 100% effectiveness. It is, therefore, of paramount importance that you also have a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution in place.

In the unlikely event that you are attacked, you can simply restore to an earlier backup and get on with business as usual. Click here to learn more about our backup and disaster recovery solutions or contact us today to get started.

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