Netstar’s managed antivirus service

Our antivirus system will scan all of your web traffic for malicious content, malware and spyware, and regularly scan your systems to ensure they are protected and virus free. It ensures all of your computers are protected, whether they are inside or outside of your office. It also identifies and blocks spam to save you the hassle of unwanted and virus-ridden emails.

The majority of viruses are designed to steal your data – such as credit card numbers, online bank account details, and other valuable assets like login names and passwords. Other viruses are there to specifically cause problems for your business. These pose significant threats to your data and your customers’ data.

Our antivirus system will:

  • Catch 99.9% of all viruses
  • Not cause your system to run slowly – We do all updates outside of hours, and ensure you don’t notice the antivirus software running in the background.
  • Not need any input from you – You won’t see any annoying popups or ever have to update your system. We’ll take care of it all.
  • By using our managed antivirus service you can be sure your data, PCs and network are secure.

Ensure you have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place

Due to the constantly evolving nature of cyber threats, anti-virus software cannot be guaranteed 100% effective. It is therefore of paramount importance that you also have a reliable backup and disaster recovery solution in place.

In the unlikely event that you are attacked, you can simply restore to an earlier backup and get on with business as usual. Contact Netstar today to get started.

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Mid 2013 saw an increase in industry-specific viruses, for example viruses designed to delete data irrecoverably in the oil and energy sector. These viruses and many others can be crippling to a business.

Late 2013 saw an increase in ransomware. These viruses take over your computer, encrypting all of the files on its hard drive, or on your shared network. One such example is the Cryptolocker virus, which uses military grade encryption to lock you out of your files, and sets a time limit for you to make payment in return for the decryption key.

Recently, a new virus called GameOver Zeus (also known as GOZeus and P2PZeus) has risen to prominence, and is responsible for over £60 million worth of theft. It also distributes the CryptoLocker virus.

Netstar’s managed antivirus service will ensure you are protected against malicious software such as GOZeus and CryptoLocker.


“Netstar has helped us to increase efficiency, and thanks to their support our systems are secure and easy to use. Right from the start they took the time to get to know us and our business.”

Sanja Veselinovic, Administration and Finance Director, Curtin & Co (Mayfair, London)

Argonaut Capital

“Netstar made the transition to an independent IT infrastructure a painless experience. More recently, their management of our office move has solidified Netstar’s position as a truly strategic IT partner. We look forward to Netstar proactively monitoring our IT strategy to ensure our business is operating in an efficient and cost effective way.”

Matthew Bond, Chief Operations Officer, Argonaut Capital (Chelsea, London)

C&S Builders

“Since outsourcing our IT to Netstar, we’ve noticed much fewer IT problems, and much greater reliability of our systems.”

Rav Sumal, Branch Manager, C&S Builders (Stamford Hill, London)

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