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back up and disaster recovery solutions

The importance of backing up information has always been underestimated. Your data – the culmination of all your work and the details of all your clients – is one of your most valuable assets.

90% of businesses that lose their data in a disaster are out of business within 2 years. Would your business be in the 10% that survives?

In most cases the repercussions of losing valuable client information results in you losing business and therefore profit.

Secure offsite data storage is replacing the traditional idea of keeping your data on your own hard-drives. There’s no need to worry about data backup or disaster recovery, as this is all taken care of.

Netstar’s backup and disaster recovery system

download disaster recovery infographicWe know that the integrity and security of yours and your clients’ business critical data is one area that you can never compromise on, so we’ve developed our own backup and disaster recovery solution.

It contains the highest specification hardware and software; ensuring your systems and information are safe, secure and available at all times.

You can click on the button on the right to download our infographic, highlighting the business benefits of backup and disaster recovery.

The Netstar backup and disaster recovery system:

Teenage Cancer Trust selects Netstar to provide Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

download teenage cancer trust backup and disaster recovery case studyTeenage Cancer Trust selected Netstar to provide a full disaster recovery solution in March 2012, including:

“We enjoy rapid and secure access to our IT services at all times and as a result staff productivity has increased.”
Craig Humphries, Head of Finance and IT at Teenage Cancer Trust

Click the button on the right to download the case study.

Secure London Datacentre

We use a state of the art, secure, tier 3 datacentre based in London, so you can be sure that your data is completely safe. There are numerous security measures taken, including:

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