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Cloud Computing enables an array of hosted solutions which can provide greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness to businesses. With hosted solutions, the need for in-house equipment is reduced as data centre hardware and connectivity plays a big role.

With all hosted services, start-up costs are low, as you need very little equipment in-house in order to use the services, as opposed to doing it yourself. Instead, you pay an agreed, predictable monthly fee, based on what you use.

Hosted desktop

With a hosted desktop, you will no longer need to have any software installed or files saved locally on your device. You will access, edit and save files stored in the data centre and your programs will be installed in and run from the secure data centre. Even when you process a batch of formulas in excel, the actual computing to calculate the formulas is done by the data centre, not your machine.Hosted Desktop is simply a method by which your work desktop (with its folders, files and programs) are hosted in a data centre. All you need to access them is a device and internet connection.

As a result, there’s no need to have servers in house, and you can even replace your PCs with thin-client devices. Your employees’ flexibility will be much improved with better remote working options.

Hosted exchange

Similarly to hosted desktop, hosted exchange removes the need for an in-house email exchange server. Instead your email server, all of your user accounts, and all data sent and received, will be handled by a powerful data centre exchange server.

Hosted exchange means all of your emails, contacts, tasks and calendars are available to you on your PCs, laptops, smartphones and through a web browser.

If you are a small or medium sized business, hosted exchange is much more cost effective than running your own exchange server. You also don’t have to worry about purchasing the required hardware and maintaining it.

Hosted cloud phone systems

Hosted cloud phone services enable businesses to have cloud based, fully featured business telephone systems without expensive equipment and telephone lines on-site.

Phone calls are delivered across an IP network (Voice over Internet Protocol).

Hosted cloud phone systems are rich with features, including voicemail to email, teleconferencing, and call parking/pickup.