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Want your business to run on the most powerful, energy efficient equipment without having to host it in-house?

Want peace of mind that your data is safe and secure?

You can experience ultra-powerful processing by utilising our Cloud Computing solution, which removes the need for physical server infrastructure in your offices.

You will also no longer need machines with powerful processors or large hard drives. All the actual computing is done on the data centre’s state of the art hardware, and all of the files are stored there too. This gives you greater flexibility in your work, not restricting you to any one place, or device.

In addition, the data centre gives you an extremely reliable backup and disaster recovery solution.

Read on to see just how secure Netstar’s data centres are:

  • The London based data centres are equipped with the highest specification infrastructure, hardware and security systems – with full electronic access control, based on PIN keypads, proximity cards, and biometric palm-scanners
  • CCTV recording and monitoring is in operation in all access areas. The hardware containing the data is locked inside secure metal units which require a key and combination.
  • Cool & Clean: The buildings are continually air conditioned to provide optimal conditions for the equipment to operate. The premises are kept sterile, free of any dust or small particles ensuring continual flawless server performance.

Take a tour of the Netstar data centre

To arrange a tour of the Netstar data centre, or discuss your IT security requirements in more detail, please call us on 0207 101 0544 or complete the contact form.

In the unlikely event of a power cut…

A lot of serious energy is required to keep all of this hardware running. The data centre has dual redundant 20MVA, 33kv dedicated underground mains feeds. In the unlikely event of a power cut, the data centre’s emergency backup generators will automatically start in under a minute to provide power for the entire facility. There are five 3.8 MVA 11kV backup diesel generators, with enough fuel stored locally to provide 24 hours of continuous power.

You can be assured that there is no more safe and secure place for your critical data to be stored.