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Threats such as hackers, virus spam, phishing and identity theft are, unfortunately, on the rise – so don’t ignore them. These threats aren’t always obvious; people are coming up with more and more ingenious ways to disguise their intentions, and you are unlikely to realise these until it’s too late.

For instance, the malicious and very disruptive “cryptolocker virus” usually finds its way onto computer systems via an email purporting to be from a recognised organisation such as a well known shipping or airline company.

In addition to the threats themselves, there are also annoyances taking up your valuable time, such as spam and deleting emails by mistake.

The benefits of a managed email security service

Implementing email security systems can provide a number of benefits to your business

  • Block spam and viruses – Email security protects against spam, viruses and phishing, ensuring all your emails are relevant, clean and safe for you to open.
  • No lost email during local server outages -If your server is down, Email security will store all of your emails until it is back up and running again. So no emails are lost.
  • Reduces bandwidth consumption and costs – As you are receiving less unwanted emails, your bandwidth consumption decreases.
  • Increased security – Emails are tracked and organised, so we can ensure you do not receive emails from spammers.

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Netstar’s managed email security service

We use a number of products to ensure your email is never compromised – whether that’s making sure that you don’t lose any important emails through inadvertent deleting or by scanning all of your emails for viruses before they reach you. Our services include:

  • Managed email security – Checking all emails for spam, malware and other viruses, and filtering these out before they get to you. This helps reduce the size of your mailbox so you don’t have to spend your time deleting unwanted emails and ensures you are protected from viruses.
  • Archiving – Our archiving system provides a complete and secure history of all your emails, which we can recover and send to you whenever you need them. Archiving also means that you can have access to your emails even when your server is down.

Hosted emails and Microsoft Exchange

Many of our clients have benefited from the productivity and flexibility enhancements made possible by Microsoft Exchange. This email security service can be either an in-house solution, whereby you would have an exchange server installed in your offices or onto a virtualised server, or an outsourced solution where you connect to a remote exchange server hosted in our data centre.

  • Synchronisation of your mailboxes in real time across devices. Read an email on one device, it is read on all the others. Delete an email on your phone, and it does not appear in Outlook when you log in to your computer.
  • Cross-device syncing of contacts, calendars, appointments, tasks and to do lists.
  • Greater collaboration – Users joining projects can see old communications, review and edit documents regardless of device via sharepoint, and stay in the loop on new developments.